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Weekly Oak Island Fishing Report

Cooling down again!

This morning we are at 18 degrees with a feel like temperature of 7. We made some progress at the beginning of last week, then had a few warmer days but we are back to cooling down again.  Several bays are frozen over, shore ice and some sheets of ice have formed on the main lake. Water temperature is just a hair above 33 degrees, ready to freeze!   Based on the forecast and Mother Nature willing, at this point we are taking reservations to start ice fishing in our day houses at our Sportsman’s Lodge Rainy River location DECEMBER 1
When we have 8-12 inches of safe ice and can get the houses and trail ready we will be off and running.  Once we start, the sleeper houses and our Oak Island locations usually start about a week or so after. We are doing our ice dance! Ice fishing season will be here before we know it.
View from Sportsman's Oak Island Lodge 11-15-2017

View from Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge 11-15-2017

Get your reservations in and stay tuned for updates!

We are now closed until December


Our Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge and Sportsman’s Eagle Ridge locations are now closed until December. Thank you for a great season!  It was so nice to see so many of you and be a part of your vacation memories.  We look forward to seeing you again this winter!

For winter reservations and information, click on the link or call us at 800-772-8411.

If you are still interested in a fall trip, check out our sister location, Sportsman’s Lodge.
The fall bite has been great!

The temps keep dropping but the fishing continues to be hot in the islands


Try a jig and shiner around areas where bait gathers, such as current areas and deep holes will hold a lot of fish this time of year.  15’-22’ is a great depth to start looking.  Crappies and perch will also be hanging in these areas as well.  Get out there and good luck!


Ice Fishing season is just around the corner! Do you have your reservations in yet?


Fall fishing is in full swing!


Walleyes, perch, crappies and Muskie are all going great! Walleyes are schooled up anywhere there is bait. Saddles, deep holes, current areas, and large structures are all good. Crappies and perch will also be on these structures. These guys will be more school in small areas so if you catch one there is probably more there!


Ice Fishing season is just around the corner! Do you have your reservations in yet?

Walleyes & Crappies are hungry


Island fishing is still hot even if the temps are not.  Great numbers of walleyes and crappies are coming in every day.  The walleyes are getting to those classic fall areas that hold bait.  Saddles between islands that have some current are great areas this time of year.  Also big rock points with deep holes adjacent are good for both walleyes are crappies.  Keep moving until you find fish because almost always this time of year they are schooled up and hungry!!

Check out this whopper!
31 inch walleye reeled in by Jerry Hennings. Nice catch Jerry!


Ice Fishing is just around the corner. Do you have your reservation in yet?