Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 10/2/19


Sportsman’s Lodge South End Fishing Report

Use Those Shiners!

Don’t let the weather fool you – fishing has been awesome! Many groups are only spending a few hours on the water and coming in with their limits of walleyes and saugers. The best walleye fishing has been between 20-30 ft of water, not too far out from Pine Island in the mud. Jigs tipped with shiners or minnows have been the preferred method this past week as the water temp hovers around 54 degrees. Pro Tip of the week – if the water is muddy, use a brighter colored jig!

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Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Falling Temps
Water temp is hovering in the lower 50’s, dropping quickly this week. Jig and a shiner or chub minnow in areas where bait gathers especially in current areas have been good walleye spots, 12’-25’. Soldier’s point, Deep Water Bay and small islands just south of Oak have been good. Gold, pink and glow in the dark are hot colors to try. We have lodging and guided trips available at Oak Island through Oct 20.

Crappie fishing has been on fire! 20’-32’ holes with structure using a 1/16-3/8 ounce jig, size depending on the current and a minnow.

Trolling using spinner jerk baits around points and areas with current have been working best. Fall is a great time of year to find an aggressive muskie bite.

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Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 9/27/19


Sportsman’s Lodge Fishing Report

Variety of Methods
Jigs tipped with a shiner or a chub minnow and spinners tipped with a shiner or chub minnow or crawler is  working to lure in the walleyes. Best depth has been 14’-18’ and 27-30’ along shorelines and points. The shiner run has been spotty this week, cooler temps should help fire it up again. River level is up right now and the water temperature is in the lower 60’s/upper 50’s. Catching some nice sturgeon by accident on walleye rigs and using 4/0 or 5/0 circle hook with a few ounces of weight and gob of crawlers along the river bed bottom especially the holes.  Dan Williams, one of our staff members caught a 50 incher this week! Sturgeon keep season runs a few more days until the 30th and catch and release season begins Oct 1 through April 23. Fall openings available! Lodging and guided trips.


Oak Island 

Incredible fall scenery right now.
The leaves are just gorgeous. Anglers have been catching some nice walleyes around Little Oak Island as well as points and gaps. Water temperature is in the upper 50’s .  Red, orange and gold jigs tipped with a minnow or spinners with crawlers have been working. Best depth 15-24’. The crappie bite has been on fire!! Jigging with a minnow in 25’-32’ around structure. Small 1/16-1/4 oz gold, bright yellow and pink has been hot tackle colors. Muskies mania! Trolling and casting shiny crankbaits baits are luring these aggressive fish in..

Fall Openings
A couple of two bedroom open this weekend and more openings Sept 29-Oct 20. Come wet a line!

Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 9/17/19


Rainy River Fishing Report

Get Fishing!

Fall fishing is HOT right now! The guides are alternating between drifting with spinners or anchoring and jigging with minnows to lure in the walleye. Jigging is hot in about 35 feet of water, using gold rattle jigs. Success with using spinners was best on the sand bar from 11 to 20 feet this past week. Many slot walleyes, 17” – 18” eaters and big walleyes have been reported, including a 26”, 27” and 29” by the same group! Check out these pictures!

The sturgeon are biting too! Deep river bed holes and in bays where a little current is presents using a 4/0 or 5/0 circle hook, 4-5 ounce no roll sinker, 18” sturgeon rig tipped with a gob of crawlers and a shiner or two is working well. Check out the pictures from the Tierney group! Nice fish guys! Sturgeon keep one season continues through Sept 30 and catch and release season starts Oct 1 through April 23. Smoked sturgeon is delicious!

River Report
Over the weekend, shiners in the river were becoming more active as water temperature kept dropping. (58 degrees) However, like many parts of the midwest, we are experiencing warmer than normal temps this week so we expect the water temperature to tick up a few degrees before going back down.

Of course, we all know this will be short-lived, fall-like temps will be back next week, shiners will get active again and the walleyes will be close behind them moving into the river. Temperature changes up or down, there is lots of good fishing to be had in the area right now. Try the lake and bays, spinners and even crankbaits should be a good to approach if the jigs aren’t working for you. Nearly one million acres to explore on Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River, no shortage of great fishing spots. Come have some fun and enjoy the summer-like temps. Pro Tip of the week – You can’t catch the fall fishing fever if you don’t book your trip!

Phone Outage
Due to construction in the area installing the central sewer system we are experiencing a temporary phone outage. We hope to have them back today! Please contact us via email or call us back soon! We thank you for your patience.

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Oak Island 

Summer is back!
Just when we started settling back into wearing sweatshirts and jeans again, we are getting another shot of summer. Not all bad, not all bad. Forecasted temps in the 70’s this week here in the islands. The fishing remains good.

Walleye, sauger, pike, bass, muskie, perch and crappie all nibbling this week. Anglers are using spinners, jigs, and crankbaits to lure in the walleyes and saugers. Mudflats 15’-24’ and 19’-26’ around reefs. Spinners and jigs tipped with a minnow or worm have been working. Water temperature is sitting around 59-60 degrees. The crappie bite has been found jigging with a minnow in 23’-30’ around structure. Gold, bright yellow and pink has been hot tackle colors. Muskies are hot after the top water baits in the weedy bays.

Fall openings still available! Come have some fun!

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Ice Fishing on your mind?
A little over 2 months and we will be drilling holes and putting fish houses out.
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Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 9/11/19


Sportsman’s Lodge South End Fishing Report

Follow the Shiners!

Our guides are moving all over the place this week! They have been fishing from the Gap to Garden Island in 7 to 20 ft water in the sand and mud. Drifting with spinners (gold/pink/white/orange) tipped with crawlers or minnows has been the most popular technique. Guests are reporting many eating sized fish as well as some big walleyes! The water temp is still hovering around 63 degrees. Pro tip of the week – Find the shiners and you will find the walleyes!

Fall Specials
Openings available this fall through late October. Up to 20% off summer lodging and charter fishing packages!  Give us a call 800-862-8602 or email us for a  rate quote and availability today.

Oak Island

Cool Week

It has been rainy and cool this week with highs in the 50’s.  Forecast says a warm up in the 60’s and lower 70’s is coming our way starting Saturday.  Pulling spinners with a minnow or crawler on rocky structures and flats have been good. Crankbaits have also been a good method.  A variety of depths are hitting right now but 12’-23’ especially.  Water temperature continues to be in the lower 60’s.

Catching some nice crappies in 20’-30’ using a small jig and a minnow.  Muskie fishing continues to be good using blades and topwater baits around rock points and weedy bays.

Openings available at Oak Island Sept 16-21, 24-October 20. Great fall rates start Sunday through fall! Come enjoy one last trip before winter.

Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 8/28/19


Sportsman’s Lodge South End Fishing Report

Shiners Are Moving!

The shiners have started to move, so fish are following them closer to the river! Guides have been having success in the 24’-32’ range, drifting with spinners (gold, pink, silver and orange) tipped with minnows, crawlers or leeches. Many slot fish have been reeled up along with some nice size walleye. One guide reported a 27 ¼” walleye and a 29” northern caught and released by the same group. The surface temperature is starting the cool down at 67 degrees. Pro tip of the week – hang on tight to your fishing rod!

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge NW Angle Fishing Report

Leaves are starting to change
The first leaves are starting to change from green to yellow and orange hues this week and high temps have been in the 60’s. Water temperature has dipped into the upper 60’s too. Walleyes have been biting in 22’-28’ trolling using brightly colored spinners with a minow or crawlers or crankbaits in the mud and around reefs. In the coming few weeks it will start to transition to a jig and minnow method as the walleye start to school up tighter and move to points and areas with current.

Muskie, Pike, Bass, Crappie
One of the cool things about Oak Island is the multiple species of fish in the area. Not only is walleye fishing good but so is muskie, pike, bass, crappie and some perch. Muskie, pike and bass fishing are real good right now and crappies are starting to bite. The muskie bite has been good using blades and topwater baits in the weedy bays and rock points. Silver, black and white have been popular colors. Nice pike have been found in rock spots close to deep water 30’+ feet deep using spinnerbaits and buck tails.  Smallmouth bass have been hitting on crankbaits on  5’-18’ reefs and crappies are biting on small jigs and a minnow in 10’-30’. Crappies are on the move to structure and the bite will really heat up late September and October.Come have some fun this fall! Openings available at Oak Island Sept 2-4, 16-21, 24-October 20.

Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 8/22/19



Sportsman’s Lodge South End Fishing Report

Still Trolling!

Trolling or drifting with spinners tipped with leeches or crawlers in 16-19 feet of water has proven hot this week! Colors that work well include pink/gold, green/gold and orange/gold. The surface water temp continues to hover around 70 degrees. Many fish between 15” – 17” have been caught along with some big trophy walleyes! Pro

Tip of the week – secure your footing before netting a fish!

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Fall is around the Corner

The air is starting to cool down especially in the mornings and evenings. The best walleye bite has been in a combination of shallow depths, 16’-21’ areas and deeper 25’-30’ in the mud and around reefs. Orange and gold spinners or jigs have been working well using crawlers or minnows. The guides have been finding lots of nice fish.  Water temp has cooled off to the lower 70’s.

Muskies have been biting in the bays using top water baits. Good luck fishing!

Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 8/14/19


Sportsman’s Lodge South End Fishing Report

Brighter Is Better!

We’ve been changing techniques again this week! The guides have been alternating trolling with spinners tipped with crawlers or leeches and downrigging in about 33-35 ft of water in the mud. The hot colors have been gold with pink spinners and purple/chrome crank baits. The surface water temp is hovering around 72 degrees. Lots of good 17” walleyes have been going in the bucket with some big ones as well! Pro tips of the week – Try the bright color spinners and crank baits, secure your rods before you speed up and keep the hook in the fish, not the fingers!

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Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

A Good Bite
Anglerss have been catching some nice walleyes along on reefs, rocky points, deep mud and corners of reefs in 21’-26’ and 30’-32’ this week using gold and white spinners tipped with a minnow or crawler. Changing up between drifting and trolling depending on the weather for theday. Few big 24”+ walleyes getting reeled in too. Some days better than others but for the most part getting some nice fish over a few day fishing trip.  Muskie action has been great using top water baits and buck tails in bays working from point to point. Ther big fish are biting! Water temp is hovering in the mid 70’s. Come wet a line. Openings available this weekend, August 18-19, September 4-7, 11, 16-21, 29-30 and October 1-20. We also have openings at Eagle Ridge August 16-30, Sept 1-5, 21-30 and October 7-20 right now. Discounted fall rates start Sept 15! Give us a call 800-772-8411 or click here.

Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 8/7/19


Sportsman’s Lodge South End Fishing Report

Change It Up!

What is your favorite fishing technique? We are trying different ways to catch fish with lots of success! Successful techniques include long lining (trolling with plugs), trolling & drifting with spinners tipped with crawlers and downrigging – all within 16-31 ½ ft of water in the mud and along the rocks. Hot colors include gold/pink spinners, black/gold/purple/clown/perch and blue chrome Shad Raps or Walleye Divers. The surface water temp is around 76 degrees. Guides have reported an abundance of 17”, 20”-25” and 27”-30” walleyes. Pro tip of the week – Keep changing colors until you find what works! It doesn’t hurt to change up technique as well!

Lots of beautiful weather coming up this week!

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Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Walleye Bite
Rock reefs 18’-25’ have been good spots using hammered gold and pink spinners with a crawler or two.

Trolling with Shad Raps have also continued to produce very nice walleyes. Water temp is about 75 degrees.  Variety of sizes being reeled in. Plenty for the pan, throwbacks and a few 25+”.  If you can’t make it to wet a line now, come try the fall bite.  The fall bite will transition in September to more jigging and the crappies will start snapping too in October.

Muskie Bite
Cabbage bays have been hot. Top water baits, buck tails in bays of 6’-15’ with a fast tapering bottom. Working point to point. Thousands of bays to explore just right out our front door. Bite is usually pretty solid right through late October.

Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 8/1/19


Sportsman’s Lodge

Fish the Bottom!
Fishing is still hot! Guides have been trying out a variety of techniques this past week. Drifting or trolling in 16’ water using spinners tipped with crawlers has been successful. Gold & Red spinners are the new hot color! They have also been having success with rigging in 26’-31’ of water with purple plugs being the hot color. Stay in the mud, close to the edge of the rocks. Water temps are hovering around 73 degrees. Captain Ethan reported some big walleyes, including a 26 ½” and 27 ½”. Pro tip of the week – fish the bottom! Make sure you find the bottom and raise your line up about six inches.

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Up and Down
Fishing had been a little more on the challenging side for a stretch here but yesterday the walleyes were hungry and the bite was back on!  Water temp is 71 degrees.  The best bite has been in 21’-25’ on and on edges of rock reefs using gold and white/red spinners tipped with a worm or minnow drifting or trolling. Some anglers swearing by the shiner minnows over the chubs. Trolling with crankbaits has also been working well too.

Rocky and weedy bays using spinnerbaits and bucktails have been working. Try shallow and work your way deeper to figure out the best bite for the day. Thousands of bays just minutes away from the lodge ready for you to explore or ask about our guided trips. Black and gold or black and chartreuse have been good colors.

Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 7/25/19


Sportsman’s Lodge South End Fishing Report

Troll Slow!

Guides are still having success with hammered gold with pink/orange spinners, tipped with minnows, crawlers and leeches.  Drifting with spinners on breezy days and trolling with spinners on calm days in 14’-22’ of water in the sand or mud has been bringing in the 14”-19.5” walleyes.  The water temp is hovering around the 70 degree mark this week.  Pro tip of the week – troll between 1 – 1.5 mph.  Anything faster and you will tangle your spinner!

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Spinners and Crank Baits
If you have been jigging and not having luck, time to switch over to spinners and crank baits for awhile. Gold and pink spinners tipped with a minnow or worms have been working well as well as crankbaits.

Drifting or a slow troll has been the ticket on rock reefs in 20’-24’. Water temp is in the mid 70’s.  Itching to go fishing? We still have some dates available through the soft water season. We are opne through mid October.  Give us a jingle!

It has been an active bite. Rocky points and weedy points using top water baits have been pulling in some nice 45”+ fish. Late summer through fall is a great time of year to reel in these monsters.

Fall is just around the corner.
Come relax and reel in some fun!