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Weekly Oak Island Fishing Report

Fish and Ice Conditions Update – 12/12/18


Sportsman’s Lodge 12/12/2018    

Fishing & Ice Conditions Update

Great fishing continues!
Anglers have been reeling in several large walleyes 25”+ (check out these pictures!) along with lots of saugers and a good mix of eater size walleyes too.

One of our guests, Dave reeled in a 26” and 29.5 inch walleye in the same day! 18’-24’ has been the optimal depth the past few days. Green glow, anything glow, gold jigs and plain hooks tipped with a minnow or minnow head have been working well. Vexilars/Fish finders always help! Vexilar rentals available, but be sure to call ahead they go fast. Lodging and fishing openings available! Come have some fun before the holidays.

Sleeper Shacks are out, first day tomorrow.
We have some openings available before Christmas. Click here to check out our packages starting at $199* per person. (*plus tax) For reservations call 218-634-1589 or email us.

Ice Conditions
We have 11-14 inches of ice in the areas we travel and fish. We received a dusting of some new snow last night but still only a few inches on the ice and land right now, still several spots without snow on the lake and land right now.

If you are venturing out on your own be sure to stay on the trails and check with local resorts and outfitters before heading out. It has been an early start to the season but we still need to build more ice in several areas before heading to far out. We have lots of safe ice with plenty of good fishing in close right now on marked areas and trails. Stay safe and have fun!

Lake trail from the south shore to Oak Island is not marked yet. Crews will be checking ice again on Friday. Conditions across this area are not ready yet. The lake trail to Warroad and land trails are also not open yet.  The good news is we are building ice and checking often. Stay tuned for updates.

Plowed Roads

Adrian’s out of Four Mile Bay (near Wheeler’s Point)
11-13 inches of ice on the bay and a few more on the lake just outside of Pine Island.  Allowing small to mid-size vehicles not pulling anything and ATV’s/Side by Sides pulling up to 17’ wheel houses.

Morris Point out of Morris Point
Reporting 13 ½ inches of ice now, waiting on a few more inches of ice before changing what they allow out.  ATV’s, Snowmobiles and Side by Sides pulling portables can use their road now.

New Year’s Party!
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Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge 12/12/2018

Change of Plans
We were hoping to open today but the lake current the past week has not been friendly to our ice making efforts. We are making progress but just not enough ice in our neck of the woods yet to be safe. The good news is the current has slowed down so that should help. We have 7-12+ inches of ice in the areas we fish and travel at this time. The ice road is plowed out to Brush Island now. We hope to build another 5 good inches real soon and start our season soon. Stay tuned!

Lake trail from the south shore to Oak Island is not marked yet. Crews will be checking ice again on Friday. Conditions across this area are not ready yet. The good news is we are building ice and checking often. We have just 2-4 inches of snow in the area at this time. Stay tuned for updates.

Openings available December – March.  Join us New Year’s Eve!  We will be kicking 2019 off island style. Dinner specials, drinks and holiday cheer. Click here to learn more about our winter packages and contact us today 800-772-8411.

Fishing and Ice Update 12-6-2018


Fishing and Ice Update 12-6-2018

The walleye and sauger bite continues to be good. 16’-23’ of water has been hot just a few miles out from shore. We have 9-13 inches of ice in the areas we fish and travel at this time. Lots of good ice in the area within a few miles from shore at this time but as always if you are venturing out on your own, stay on marked trails. It is a big lake and not all areas freeze equally.

The ice continues to increase around Oak Island and the Northwest Angle but the trail has not been marked from the south shore to Oak Island yet. We need to build more ice before conditions are favorable across this 40 mile stretch. We will be checking ice again next week. No travel advised past marked trails. When Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge opens for the season, guests can access Oak Island via marked trails from Young’s Bay at the Northwest Angle to Oak Island until favorable ice conditions are available and the trail from the south shore to the island is marked and safe.  Minimal snow on the land trails at this time. No grooming has begun yet. Not sure where to go? Book a guided trip. Lodging and ice fishing packages available starting at only $229* per person. Give us call 800-862-8602. It’s fishing time!

*plus tax and based on double occupancy

Sportsman’s Ice Conditions and Fishing Report – 12/4/18


Sportsman’s Lodge

The season has started off well!! Check out these pictures!!!

It has been an active bite! Hot tackle has been white glow, green glow, pink and gold colored 3/8 oz. jigs and small spoons in 16’-23’ of water. A mix of jigging about 4-6 inches off bottom and dead sticking have been working well. A variety of good eater walleye and saugers, throwbacks and some nice 25”+ walleyes have been coming through the holes. No equipment, no problem! Our day trips include the ready to go warm fish house, transportation to and from the fish house, use of jig sticks, jigs, bait and fish cleaning. Openings available!

Ice Conditions
9”-13” of ice in the areas we fish and travel right now. We have a cold forecast ahead, making more ice by the minute!

We use light jeeps with heated enclosed trailers this time of year. Once we have more ice we will start using our heavier equipment such as our oversized enclosed snowmobiles, we call bombardiers.

Plowed Roads
Our trips all include transportation to and from the fish house. If you are looking to venture out on your own, we strongly encourage you to use a marked road or trail from an outfitter or resort and stay on the marked roads and trails. The entire lake never freezes equally. We do not maintain a public road, but there are several in the area. Adrian’s out of Four Mile Bay and Morris Point’s out of Morris Point are both good roads to use near the lodge. At this time they are allowing ATV’s, Snowmobiles and Side by Sides. Stay safe, and have fun!

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*Sportsman’s Lodge Rainy River location, excludes sleepers.

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

We are making ice in the islands! We will be open for the season December 12!
Currently we have 6”-12” of ice and making more by the minute. We feel by December 12 we should
have a solid 12”+ in the areas we fish and travel. Let the season begin!

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Sportsman’s Ice Conditions Update – 11/28/2018


Sportsman’s Lodge

8-11 inches of ice! The houses are out! Let’s go fishing!

I think this is the earliest date we have ever started our season. It has been a bitter cold November. We
currently have 8-11 inches of ice as of today on the bay and lake in the areas we fish and travel. Other
than a little bit of rough shore ice the ice is looking pretty smooth this year. Our first day of ice fishing is
just a couple days away Friday, November 30! We have day houses out now. No sleepers yet. The
forecast continues to look ideal for ice making! We don’t have much snow yet so be sure to bring your
ice cleats. Let the fun begin! Openings houses and lodging available give us a call 800-862-8602 and be
sure to ask about our hot deals Nov 30-Dec 5!

Fishing Tips
Gold and pink 3/8 oz. jigs, buckshots, stop signs, charmers and flash bangs are always good go to tackle
to start the year with in shallow under 20’ of water. No equipment? No problem! Our day houses are
equipped with jig sticks, jigs and we clean your fish for you too. We even supply the transportation to
and from the house and can bring you a lunch too!

Plowed Roads
Adrian’s Road out of Four Mile Bay and Morris Point’s road just a few miles away from the lodge are
now open for ATV’s, Snowmobiles and Side by Sides. Keep safe, please stay on marked trails and keep
speed slow. No travel is advised on the Rainy River.

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Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

We are making ice by minute!
Currently in the islands where we fish and travel we have anywhere from 5”-12” of ice right now. Rumor
has it the mail man is making his first trek to us by snowmobile today. We are checking ice daily and working on getting the equipment ready. Check back for update, we plan to get our season kicked off
soon! For winter reservations contact us by calling 800-772-8411 or clicking here.

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge Ice Update 11/24/2018


We are building ice!
We are finding 5-8” in most areas we fish and travel but still waiting on a few areas to heal up. We have a great start and the forecast looks favorable. Check back soon for updates!

For reservations contact us at 800-772-8411 or click here. 

Our sister resort, Sportsman’s Lodge on the south shore will begin their season Friday, Nov 30.
For their ice report, click here.


Sportsman’s Lodge & Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge – 11/7/2018


Ice Fishing season is just around the corner
It is beginning to look like winter around here. We woke up to a blanket of snow this morning and the forecast is looking cooooold with highs only in the 20’s for the week ahead! We are getting excited!!! This is perfect weather to set the stage for the BIG Freeze.

Water temperature is hovering in the upper thirties right now and is sure to make a big dip after this week. Historically speaking we usually start ice fishing with 8-12 inches of safe ice in early December. Who is ready for some fun? Do you have your reservations in? (

The Bite
A few anglers are still out and about in boats. Anchored in 12′-22′ using a jig and shiner continues to bring in some nice walleyes in the bays and river.

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Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge – 10/18/2018


Jig, set, reeeeeeeeeeel
More sun in the forecast this week, yaaaaaaah! Last week was a little crazy. Snow! What???
We are excited about ice fishing season too but snow in early October was a bit of a surprise!

Some nice walleyes are being caught in 13’-26’ in areas where there is current and adjacent to deep water. A jig and a minnow are hot. Big muskie and pike are active. Trolling with jerk baits is working.
Crappies? Yes, they are active 20’-30’ deep holes with structure using a 1/8-1/4 oz. jig and minnow.
Water temp is hovering around 40-41 degrees.

Winter is just around the corner. Do you have your reservations in yet?

Oak Island Fishing Report – 10/9/18


Crisp Fall Air
Jig and a shiner or chub in areas where bait gathers especially in current areas are hot spots 13’-26’. Soldier’s point, Deep Water Bay and small islands just south of Oak have been good.  Gold and pink are hot colors to try. Water temp is hovering in the upper 40’s. We are looking forward to more sun next week. An afternoon of fall fishing is hard to beat, great scenery, warm sun and walleyes in the boat.

Crappie bite has been really heating up in 20’-38’ holes with structure.

Trolling using spinner jerk baits around points and areas with current have been working best.
Anglers are reporting lots of active muskies.

Ice fishing season is just around the corner do you have your reservations in?

Oak Island Fishing Report – 10/3/18


Good Fall Fishing
Temps continue to drop and nice walleyes are being reeled in. Jig and a shiner or chub around deep holes and current areas have been hot spots in 14’-26’. Gold, pink and glo are good jig colors. The crappie bite has been good in 20’-30’ holes with structure.

The fall pike and muskie bite is on!
Some veteran anglers swear fall is one of the best times to get into excellent muskie fishing. With 14,552 islands to explore their plenty of great fishing spots to be found.  Rocky points and cabbage weed bays trolling with crankbaits or casting with jerkbaits are good areas this time of year.  Not sure where to go? Take a guide. Guides and lodging is available for a few more weeks. Give us a call 800-772-8411.