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Weekly Oak Island Fishing Report

Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 8/7/19


Sportsman’s Lodge South End Fishing Report

Change It Up!

What is your favorite fishing technique? We are trying different ways to catch fish with lots of success! Successful techniques include long lining (trolling with plugs), trolling & drifting with spinners tipped with crawlers and downrigging – all within 16-31 ½ ft of water in the mud and along the rocks. Hot colors include gold/pink spinners, black/gold/purple/clown/perch and blue chrome Shad Raps or Walleye Divers. The surface water temp is around 76 degrees. Guides have reported an abundance of 17”, 20”-25” and 27”-30” walleyes. Pro tip of the week – Keep changing colors until you find what works! It doesn’t hurt to change up technique as well!

Lots of beautiful weather coming up this week!

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Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Walleye Bite
Rock reefs 18’-25’ have been good spots using hammered gold and pink spinners with a crawler or two.

Trolling with Shad Raps have also continued to produce very nice walleyes. Water temp is about 75 degrees.  Variety of sizes being reeled in. Plenty for the pan, throwbacks and a few 25+”.  If you can’t make it to wet a line now, come try the fall bite.  The fall bite will transition in September to more jigging and the crappies will start snapping too in October.

Muskie Bite
Cabbage bays have been hot. Top water baits, buck tails in bays of 6’-15’ with a fast tapering bottom. Working point to point. Thousands of bays to explore just right out our front door. Bite is usually pretty solid right through late October.

Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 8/1/19


Sportsman’s Lodge

Fish the Bottom!
Fishing is still hot! Guides have been trying out a variety of techniques this past week. Drifting or trolling in 16’ water using spinners tipped with crawlers has been successful. Gold & Red spinners are the new hot color! They have also been having success with rigging in 26’-31’ of water with purple plugs being the hot color. Stay in the mud, close to the edge of the rocks. Water temps are hovering around 73 degrees. Captain Ethan reported some big walleyes, including a 26 ½” and 27 ½”. Pro tip of the week – fish the bottom! Make sure you find the bottom and raise your line up about six inches.

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Up and Down
Fishing had been a little more on the challenging side for a stretch here but yesterday the walleyes were hungry and the bite was back on!  Water temp is 71 degrees.  The best bite has been in 21’-25’ on and on edges of rock reefs using gold and white/red spinners tipped with a worm or minnow drifting or trolling. Some anglers swearing by the shiner minnows over the chubs. Trolling with crankbaits has also been working well too.

Rocky and weedy bays using spinnerbaits and bucktails have been working. Try shallow and work your way deeper to figure out the best bite for the day. Thousands of bays just minutes away from the lodge ready for you to explore or ask about our guided trips. Black and gold or black and chartreuse have been good colors.

Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 7/25/19


Sportsman’s Lodge South End Fishing Report

Troll Slow!

Guides are still having success with hammered gold with pink/orange spinners, tipped with minnows, crawlers and leeches.  Drifting with spinners on breezy days and trolling with spinners on calm days in 14’-22’ of water in the sand or mud has been bringing in the 14”-19.5” walleyes.  The water temp is hovering around the 70 degree mark this week.  Pro tip of the week – troll between 1 – 1.5 mph.  Anything faster and you will tangle your spinner!

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Spinners and Crank Baits
If you have been jigging and not having luck, time to switch over to spinners and crank baits for awhile. Gold and pink spinners tipped with a minnow or worms have been working well as well as crankbaits.

Drifting or a slow troll has been the ticket on rock reefs in 20’-24’. Water temp is in the mid 70’s.  Itching to go fishing? We still have some dates available through the soft water season. We are opne through mid October.  Give us a jingle!

It has been an active bite. Rocky points and weedy points using top water baits have been pulling in some nice 45”+ fish. Late summer through fall is a great time of year to reel in these monsters.

Fall is just around the corner.
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Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 7/17/19


Sportsman’s Lodge South End Fishing Report

Try Shallow!

Drifting with spinners has been reeling in the fish this week in 25’-32 depths however don’t count out the shallows 10’-16’ too.  Hammered gold/pink spinners tipped with crawlers or leeches in the mud, rocks and sand.  Jigging has also had some success in the deeper depths (25’-32’) with gold jigs being the key.  Many 16”-17” fish are coming in with a mix of bigger fish as well.  The water surface temperature is hovering around 72 degrees.  Pro tip of the week – Don’t count out the shallows. Try the sand bars and shallow rock piles!

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Fantastic Fishing
Sandbars 18’-22’ and rocky points 24’-28’ continue to produce some nice walleyes. A variety of methods are working. Drifting with hammered gold, white and orange spinners tipped with worms or jigging with minnows.  Crankbaits are working too.  Water temperature continues to hover in the mid 70’s.  Lots of great fishing going on right now.  Nice eater size walleyes nibbling at the hook right now.

Rocky points in sandy bays have been hot spots using top water baits.  The bite is really heating up! Between now and late October is the best time of the year.

Pike & Bass
Pike and Bass are being found in big bays up shallow and the larger pike around points and rock piles. Casting flashy spoons or crankbaits have been working well.

Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 7/10/19


Sportsman’s Lodge Fishing Report

Match the Hatch!

The mayflies hatched a few weeks ago but we are starting to see less and less now. The hatch seemed more abundant on the north side of the lake than around by us. Pro tip of the Week – Match the Hatch! Change up your tackle colors to match the color of the fly, gold and orange.

The guides have been splitting their time this past week between jigging and drifting with spinners. Jigging with with a frozen shiner or leech has been bringing in the slot fish in the mud at 29’-34’ range. Drifting with gold/pink/orange spinners tipped with crawlers has produced nice eating size fish in the 12’-16’ range in the sand or on the sand bars.

Water surface temp is hanging around the 74 degrees mark. If you haven’t had a chance to get out fishing yet this summer, give us a call 800-862-8602. Fishing has been great and trips are still available!

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

 Great Fishing ~ Walleyes
Over the holiday week we had incredible weather and an excellent bite. We saw lots of families out fishing and enjoying the lake. A slow troll jigging using gold, orange and green jigs tipped with a chub or shiner along rock reefs in 17’-25’ has been good as well as drifting with spinners the same colors as the jigs tipped with a night crawler along and on top of rock reefs has produced some nice walleyes. Water temperature is hovering in the mid 70’s now.

Muskies & Pike
Shallow weedy bays have been best although we do notice they are on the move to the points.  Rock piles and cabbage have been good spots. Casting buck tails and jerk baits has been working best during the day and top water baits in the evening.

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Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 7/3/19


Sportsman’s Lodge South End Fishing Report

Hot, Hot, Hot!

The water surface temp took a big jump up to 74 degrees this week. Fishing is still hot in the deep mud 30’-34’with gold/orange or gold/chartreuse jigs tipped with a fathead or frozen shiner. Guests are reporting quite a bit of slot fish with the keeper fish in the 15 to 18 inch range. Pro tip of the week – Put your jig in the mud!

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Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Water is Warming Up
The best approach has been using 3/8 oz. gold jigs tipped with a minnow or gold and pink spinners and a few ounce sinker tipped with a night crawler or leech in 20’-30’ of water on the reefs.  Anglers are also find a few pulling crankbaits in shallow bays as well. The current water temperature has increased to the lower 70’s now. More warm weather in the forecast.

Muskies & Northern Pike
Shallow weedy bays using small baits are working well using a slow retrieval method.

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Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 6/25/19


Sportsman’s Lodge South End Fishing Report

Changing Bait Is The Key!

Our guides are still having success jigging in the mud, about 30-34 feet of water. The key has been changing up the bait. Walleyes have been biting on orange/gold, purple, pink/white/gold rattle jigs tipped with either a leech or a frozen shiner. If one isn’t working, try the other. It can make a difference!  The water temp has warmed up to about 64 degrees and many slot fish are being caught. Pro tip of the week – Fish are staying tight to the bottom so raise your jig up about a foot.

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Oak Island Fishing Report

Moving Deeper
The fish have been on the move to deeper water this week. 24’-28’ has been best on the edge of the rock reefs. A 3/8 oz orange or gold jig tipped with a minnow or gold spinner, 1-2 ounce sinker and a crawler have been hot tickets for a walleye and sager bite. Water temperature is ticking up. Sitting around 64-66 degrees right now. Warm week ahead and 4th of July is just around the corner. We have openings, give us a call and come have some fun. 800-772-8411

Pike, Muskie, Bass
Pike and Bass have been found in shallow rocky bays in 7’-15’, crankbaits working well.  Muskies have been hitting on large plugs and buck tails in shallow bays. Come get into the multi-species action.

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Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 6/19/19


Sportsman’s Lodge 
Lake of the Woods South End Fishing Report

Set The Hook!

Changing it up a bit has been the key to success this past week.  The water temp is hovering about 60 degrees and the guides have been switching between jigging with frozen shiners and drifting with spinners, using leaches or night crawlers as bait.  Hot colors have been hammered gold spinners and gold/orange jigs.  Many guests have reported catching slot fish in 26 – 33 feet of water.  Pro tip of the week – Make a good hook set!

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Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge 
Northwest Angle & Oak Island Fishing Report

Lots of nice fish
Crawlers and minnows have been working this week. An orange or gold 3/8 oz jig tipped with a minnow or a gold spinner with a crawler in 18′-22′ on sandbars and coarse rock bottoms is bringing in some nice walleyes and saugers. Weather for the week is looking good in the 70’s and mainly light wind. Water temp is slowly increasing. Sitting in the low 60’s right now. This week should really warm it up.

Muskie season has begun. Tom one of our cooks has already reeled in a some nice 39″+.  Check out the picture in video above.

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Lake of the Woods Fishing Report

Lake of the Woods South Shore & Rainy River Fishing Report


It’s Heating Up!
Fishing has been crazy this past week! As the air and water temperature warms up, the walleyes have started moving out to 26-28 feet water. Water temps are ranging from 56 to 62 degrees and the forecast looks great this week! Our guides have been successful in the rocks, mud, and sand using 3/8 oz. jigs. The walleyes have been biting on gold jigs tipped with a shiner. Many guests are catching fish that are 17” to 19” along with many walleyes 27” or bigger! Pro tip of the week – make sure you are setting your hook, practice makes perfect! Guided trips available, come have some fun this summer.

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Lake of the Woods Oak Island & the Northwest Angle Fishing Report
Great Walleye Bite
Depths 18’-20’ in the mud jigging a jig and minnow has been hot. Gold and orange have been good jig colors. Captain Steve and his crew boated over 100 fish along with some nice slot fish this week. Lots of sun in the forecast. Water temp currently 57 degrees.
Nice Pike
Casting out flashy spoons and shad raps have been the hot ticket 6’-20’.Smallmouth Bass
Anglers are having the most success finding the bass casting using mallet spinners and shad raps deep 20’-30’.Muskie season opens June 15.

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Lake of the Woods South Shore & Rainy River Fishing Report 5/30/2019


Cool Last Weekend but Warmer Weather is here!
Another cool weekend over the Memorial holiday but it was hot fishing! Fish are moving out into the deeper water (25-26 feet was great) as the water temp has warmed up to 53 degrees. Most anglers found success using frozen shiners with a variety of jig colors, including pink/gold, orange/gold and even blue/white/pink. A variety of walleye sizes were caught this past week again with many fish between 15” to 17” and 25” to 28”. Pro tip of the week – when you are in the mud, make sure you find the bottom and raise your jig up about a foot. The weather forecast looks fantastic for this week – perfect for a day on the lake!

Lake of the Woods Oak Island & the Northwest Angle
Fishing Report

It was a cool weekend
It was a cool weekend but it looks like the forecast is finally looking warmer this week. The cool weather sure hasn’t kept the walleyes from biting. It has been an active bite and deeper than normal. 22′-26′ along rocky points and in the sand were good this week using a jig and a minnow. Water temp is 51 degrees. Anchored or a slow troll has been working the best. Lots of nice walleyes biting at the hooks. Pike and bass anglers have also had good luck. casting shad raps in shallow weed beds is the best approach.

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