Sportsman’s Lodge

Catching fish!

We kicked off our fishing season this weekend and our guests caught some nice fish. A mix of walleyes, saugers, and a few pikes was the first fish up the hole to start the season.

We currently have 10-12 inches of ice in the areas we fish and travel and just a skiff of snow on the lake. Jigging raps were one of the best techniques followed by gold jigs and a plain red hook on a dead stick tipped with a minnow in 18-21 feet of water. Grab your fishing buddy and come have some fun. We do it all. Our day houses include the fish house, transportation to and from the fish house, bait, rods/reels/jig sticks, and jigs to use and we will clean your fish too. Meal plans are available too.

Before Christmas Openings

Come get your fish on. We have day houses available now through December 23 and lodging and fishing available now through Dec 16 and 21-23. Give us a call to book your trip at 800-862-8602.

Sleeper Fish Houses

Sleepers start this weekend.  Give Sheri a call to book your trip at 218-634-1589.

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge & Eagle Ridge

Ice is coming along in the islands. 6-10 inches in the areas we are traveling now. The ice crew plans on doing ice checks later this week between the south shore and the island. If all goes well, the trail could be marked by this weekend for snowmobiles. We open up the lodge on December 26 for the season.