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Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 9/9/20


Sportsman’s Lodge

Water temp is falling and leaves are changing. Currently, the water temperature is sitting around 59-62 degrees and some shiners are starting to show up in the river.

Walleyes are being caught on a variety of methods right now. Drifting with pink, orange, and hammered gold spinners and a crawler in 11’-16’ and 26’-36’ as well as on crankbaits with some shimmer and rattle in the mud 26’-36’. Some dabbling with the jig and a minnow or shiner but most are finding the spinners and cranks are working the best. Areas outside Lighthouse Gap, Zippel Bay, and Garden Island have been good. It won’t be long and anchored with a jig/minnow method will start to take precedence, so be ready!

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Oak Island

Variety of Methods
Fall is in the air and that means it is time to start thinking about changing up methods to stay on the walleye bite. Jigs, spinners, and crankbaits are methods of choice right now but the jig and minnow will start to be the go-to soon. Drifting with gold and pink spinners tipped with a crawler in 15’-28’ on rock structure, trolling with shad raps in 26’-36’ in the mud and anchored jigging a minnow or shiner in 11’-15’ and 20’-26’ on or around structure has been working the best. Water temp is in the lower 60’s now.

Looking for some crappies? Crappies are biting on small jigs and a minnow in 10’-30’.

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Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 9/3/20


Sportsman’s Lodge

Cooling Down
Feels like fall. Lows in the 40’s and highs in the ’50-’70s lately.

Water temp is down to 65 and likely to dip lower this week. Currently, anglers are pulling spinners with a crawler or trolling with a shad rap for the best luck. It won’t be long and the jig and a minnow will start to take the stage. For spinners, anything glow, hammered gold or anything in the orange/red/gold color family has been good. For shad raps, shiny and noticeable is key. In the stained waters of Lake of the Woods, a little more shimmer, rattle, or bright color never hurts to try. Best depths have been in 11’-17’ along shorelines and 28’-36’ in the mud. Come have some fun.

Have you tried to call?
Yesterday afternoon until today around noon we suffered a phone outage at the lodge and in the area due to some local construction going on. Just wanted to let you know we are back up! Sorry for the inconvenience, give us a call 800-862-8602.

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Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Drifting Away in the Islands
Drifting with gold and orange spinners tipped with a minnow or crawler has been working well for walleyes in 15’-26’. Trolling with shad raps and anchored with a jig/minnow combo also getting some nice ones. Water temp is down to mid-’60s. Muskies are hitting on blades and topwater baits in weedy bays and rock points. Crappies on small jigs in 10’-30’. We received some cancellations for Sept 9-13, so now have openings for that time and have openings available here and there throughout fall. Give us a call at 800-772-8411.

Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 7/21/20


Sportsman’s Lodge South End Fishing Report

Lots of slots
It has been a good bite this week, lots of slot fish and plenty to fry up. A slot walleye is a walleye 19.5”-28” in length that must be released after catching. Check out the lunkers in the pictures of the week. Many long time guests have been saying this summer, “Fishing has been some of the best they have ever experienced!”

What’s working? Drifting with hammered gold or bright colored spinners, 1-2 ounces of weight tipped with a crawler. Some anglers are now trying their luck at trolling with shad raps and having good luck too. Water temperature is 74 degrees.

Best depth has been 18’-27’. Tip of the Week: Keep your line tight and your drag light to bring in those trophy fish. Don’t let summer pass you by. Midweek guided trips available over the next few weeks. Weekends available late August and through the fall. Lodging available, midweek most anytime the rest of the season and weekends after July 25.

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Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Walleye, it’s what’s for Dinner
12’-23’ in the sand and 23’-29’ in our around rocks continues to produce results when going after walleyes. Drifting with a spinner, ounce or two of weight and a crawler has been working well. Trolling with shad raps has been worth a shot too. Deep bays and rocky points are hot spots for muskies right now using bucktails and topwater lures. The water temperature is 74 degrees.

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Canadian Border Update
Unfortunately, we have once again been notified that the Canadian government has extended its border closure to August 21, 2020, at this time. The good news is, you still have options to come and enjoy some island time! The Lake of the Woods Passenger continues to provide service to and from the island from Sportsman’s Lodge in Baudette and has follow boat options. No border crossing required. For any questions or reservation changes, please contact us here or by calling 800-772-8411.

Lake of the Woods South Shore & Oak Island Fishing Report – 7/15/20


Sportsman’s Lodge South End Fishing Report

The Bite

Drifting with hammered gold spinners tipped with a crawler, leech or minnow and 1-2 ounces of weight and has been luring in the walleyes in 15’-25’ this week areas along the south shore and northern islands. A mix of good eaters and trophy walleyes. Water temp in the mid ’70s.

Fall & Winter Fishing

It is not too early to think about making fall and winter reservations. The fall bite can be incredible and ice fishing here on Lake of the Woods is one of a kind. Check out our fall and winter packages and contact us today.

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

For the walleye bite, rock structure in 23′-29’ and in the sand 12’-23’ using hammered gold and orange crawler harnesses tipped with a crawler or using 3/8 oz jigs tipped with a minnow has been bringing in some nice walleyes and saugers. Smallmouth bass has been found around rock reefs in the islands in 5’-12’ using crankbaits or lipless cranks bounced off the bottom. Pike have been biting along rocky shorelines and weedy bays throwing out flashy daredevils and bucktails. Muskies are biting trolling in deep bays and rocky points using bucktails and topwater lures. Water temp is in the mid-’70s.

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Birchdale Boat Ramp is open!


Crews worked hard this morning to clean out the shore ice at Birchdale Landing (26 miles east of Baudette).  The ramp is ready to go! Only snow and salt remain on the ramp. Time for River fishing!!!  Open water runs all the way to Frontier landing right now (16 miles east of Baudette)

We have guided outfitter trips available! Time to get your fish on!

Walleye season is open until April 14. Sturgeon catch and release season is open now through April 23, keep one season is open April 24-May 7 and northern pike season is open year round.

Click here for directions and information.http://sportsmanslodges.com/…/7…/Rainy_River_Access_Map1.pdf

Birchdale 3-14.2

Birchdale 3-14

Birchdale 3-14.3

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We have ice!


What a difference a day makes!
Yesterday we had only shore ice and after last night (only getting down to 17 degrees) we now have ice as far as the eye can see on the main lake from the south shore view. The forecast is calling for below zero temps the next two days so we should make even more progress in the next two days!

weather forecast
Four Mile Bay, the bay near Wheeler’s Point we use to access the lake has also made significant progress.
The water is cold and freezing! We should start building ice fairly quickly now. The extended forecast is calling for lows in the teens and highs in the lower twenties. Cold enough to make some ice!  Gregg, the owner will be going up to fly over the lake on Saturday to see how everything seals looks. Stay tuned! We will post a report and pictures as soon as he gets back.

Long Point 12-17-2015
Long Point
December 17, 2015
Morris Point 12-17-2015
Morris Point
December 17, 2015
Four Mile Bay 12-17-2015
Four Mile Bay
December 17, 2015

When will we start ice fishing?
After this weekend we will be able to make a much better prediction, but at this point based on the information we are setting our sights on sometime between December 26 – January 1. Safety is always our first concern. We will start our season as soon as we have 8-12 inches of safe ice.

Ice Update 12/7/2015


Ice Update 12/7/2015

We are holding the ice we have made in the bays and have had temperatures in the teens at night, however the air temperature has not been cold enough to make anymore ice. Even though the season is starting off warm we know the cold is coming and we will have ice before we know it!

Keep doing your ice dancing! Heck, maybe if we all crank up the A/C and open your doors that might help too! LOL! Make your reservations now online (http://sportsmanslodges.com/rainyriver/facility/lodging-request/) or by calling us at 800-862-8602. Once the season starts it is going to get crazy! If you book for early December and we do not have ice, we are always happy to re-schedule your stay or refund your deposit.

Stay tuned! We will continue to do updates every few days!

Two Boat Ramps are open!



Two boat ramps are open to access the Rainy River! Both landings are located just off Hwy 11 east of Baudette. Frontier Landing is 17 miles and Birchdale is 26 from Baudette. The next landing to open is Vidas, located 6 miles east of Baudette. Open water is within 7 miles of Vidas right now.  Spring is here! Click here to view and download a map of the ramps.

Forecast 3-26-2015

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Open Water & Fishing Report from Sportsman’s Lodge 4-22-2013


We have open water in front of our docks!
A channel of open water opened up in front of the lodge yesterday!  We expect it to be wide open by the end of today or tomorrow and Four Mile Bay to be open by the weekend. Bring on the sturgeon and pike fishing! It is prime time!
view from oru docks 4-22-2013

Sturgeon Bite Check out some of the recent action!

Steven Wintemute
Steven Wintemute from Hooked Magazine reels
in a monster sturgeon!

Ryan Knutson
Ryan Knutson from Hooked Magazine
reels in a nice sturgeon.

Nikki Breuer 57 inch
What a fish! Nikki Breuer reeled in a 57 inch beauty!

The sturgeon bite is heating up! Anglers reported reeling in good numbers of sturgeon this past weekend and they expect it to be a real good bite through the season.  Several 30-40 inch sturgeons as well as some monster 50”plus were found.  Areas near Baudette Bay, Baudette Airport and near Wabanica Bay were good. Once the river opens up completely in front of the lodge and Four Mile Bay we expect those areas to be hot as well.  These dinosaurs are usually found in the deepest hole you can find.  Use 2-3 oz sinkers, 5/0 or 6/0 circle or octopus hook and a gob of crawlers.  Anchor above the hold and work it. Test the bottom, mid and upper rim of the hole. It may be quiet at first, but once you hook into one, get ready for a fight!
The water clarity continues to be good, water level low and current slow.  Sturgeon season is catch and release through tomorrow, April 23. April 24-May 7 you can keep one with a sturgeon tag, within 45”-50” or over 75”. These fish are excellent smoked.  Sturgeon tags are available for purchase at the lodge.  May 8 you have another chance for catch and release before the spring season closes May 16. Sturgeon season then remains closed until July 1.

Our 7th Annual Sturgeon Tournament is May 3 & 4. Stay tuned for coverage next week on our Facebook page. To get into next year’s tournament call 800-862-8602 to reserve your space today.

Pike Bite
A few pike have been found in the river. Most of the larger pike are still staging just outside the tributaries. We expect to see them start moving into the bays, river and creek as soon as we see a few days of temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s. Possibly by the weekend!  We suggest anchoring  at the mouth of the river, creek or stream and use dead suckers or frozen ciscos.  Lake of the Woods currently has a very healthy population of trophy size pike right now, so your odds are good!  The limit is 3, only 1 over 40” and all pike between 30”-40” must be released.

Get on the bite!
Guided Outfitter trips available!  Head out with one of our knowledgeable guides watching the fish patterns daily. Boat holds up to 4 passengers plus the guide. All day trips only $400 for the day. Poles, bait and tackle included. Call 800-862-8602 to schedule yours today.

Boat Ramps

The nearest boat ramp to us as of this morning is Timbermill Park Ramp just 1 mile east of Baudette off Hwy 11. We expect Wheeler’s Point Ramp to be open by the weekend. For a map of all river ramps, click  here.

Walleye Opener is just around the corner!
Less than 19 days and walleye fishing will be here again!  Get your reservations in! We expect with the late spring spawn the bite will be good!

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