Super Fishing

The phenomenon continues and it looks like we are going to get a late summer weather treat too! The weatherman says 70’s-80’s and full sun all week. Great week to enjoy the lake!


The fishing really is unchanged this week. The best places continue to be around the east and west bar of Garden Island and Little Oak just a forty-five minute boat ride north of Sportsman’s Lodge. Their has been some reports of some nice fish caught around Zippel Bay and Long Point, but the sure thing continues to be a little further north.  The depths of twenty-eight to thirty-five feet of water and presentations of either jigging with jigs, spinners tipped with a minnow or trolling with shad raps have brought in the best results. The color doesn’t really seem to matter but keep in mind Lake of the Woods always favors bright colored and gold if your action slows.

On a daily basis we continue to see a nice mix of fourteen to nineteen inch walleyes great for a good meal as well as some nice size slot fish between nineteen and a half to twenty-eight inch great for some catch and release action. Twenty-eight plus inch walleyes are also not uncommon, an average of five to ten a week are brought to shore or talked about amongst guests.

 Annual Emerald Shiner Run

Now that September is upon us it won’t be long before the fish will start moving in shallow again. Due to the cooler than normal temperatures we have experienced this summer it will probably be sooner than later that this happens. Normally the annual walleye frenzy during the annual emerald shiner run is best late September and early October, but it could very well be a few weeks earlier this year. Stay tuned to our weekly fishing report and I will post more information the minute it comes in.

Lake Sturgeon

The lake sturgeon season to keep one is only open for one more month. September 30 will mark the close until next spring. These dinosaurs of the water can put up quite a fight so if you are looking for a challenge or would like to extend your day of fishing, ask about our “Guided Alaskan trips”. We have a twenty-foot Lund Alaskan that works great for sturgeon and northern pike fishing in the river.