Rainy River Update!
The Rainy River is now open 7 miles east of Baudette and open spots within 5. This is 19 miles from the lodge.  Birchdale landing (32 miles east of Baudette) and Frontier landing (17 miles east of Baudette) are open. Vidas landing (8 miles east of Baudette) has water flowing by but still some shore ice left on the landing. Next landing to open will be Timbermill Park just on the east edge of Baudette.
Hopefully, with the warmer temps coming in in a few days we will have 4 landings open by Saturday and open water at the lodge within a week.
Several groups did very good fishing over the weekend. Lots of good action of all size walleyes and some nice sturgeon too.  Water clarity is about a foot.

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Guided Trips Available
The guides are ready to take you out! Check out Baihly’s new boat.

He is ready to rock. Baihly will be taking trips from the south shore to the islands all spring, summer, and fall in his new Skeeter and the charter boat. For info on spring walleye, sturgeon and pike and walleye charter trips click here. For island fishing, muskie, pike, walleye, bass and crappie click here.