Mix of Walleyes & Saugers
Anglers reeled in a mix of walleyes and saugers this week. Mostly 11-18 inch but a few nice slot size walleyes too. (19.5-28 inches).  On Lake of the Woods all walleyes between 19.5-28 have to be thrown back and one over 28 inches may be kept.  Plain hooks tipped with a minnow head in 20’-26’ of water has been working well.  A combination of dead sticking and jigging the bottom and up to 6-8 inches off bottom is your best bet. If you have a vexilar, that helps. If you don’t, we have a few to rent. Give us a call ahead of time to reserve.

Ice Road
The ice road is open to vehicles from Young’s Bay to Oak Island. Conditions are good.

Ice Conditions
We have 10-15 inches of ice in the areas we fish and travel right now.

Snowmobile Trail Report
The snowmobile trail on the lake from Pine Island to Oak Island is marked and groomed. Another fresh grooming will be done before the weekend. The trail from Pine Island to Warroad is marked and being maintained as best as possible. The crew is checking ice tomorrow to see if heavier equipment can be used yet for grooming. These trails are marked with black stakes.

For the NW Angle and Islands land trails – check with the Northwest Angle Edge Riders Club

For land trail updates for the south shore, check with the Lake of the Woods Drifters Club