Fishing Report
Fishing has been up and down this week. The cold snap we have been experiencing for the past week is moving out. That should help! The forecast is calling for temperatures between the single digits and in the twenties for the next week ahead.

The best presentation has been gold, pink and orange 1/8-1/4 oz. jigs, buckshots, demons, forage minnows tipped with a minnow or just a plain minnow tipped with a minnow head. Jigging 4″-6″ off bottom using a vexilar has been working well in depths between 22′-29′. Mix of walleyes, saugers, a few 23″+ walleyes and tullibees have been coming up the holes. We are having fun!

Bill Petersen 1-19-2016
30 inch walleye caught and released
plain hook, fat head minnow and a bobber
Jeremy and Austin McMannes
26.25 inch walleye released
caught on a dead stick

Ice Conditions
In the areas we fish and travel we are finding on the bay/trail 9-18 inches and 9 inches off the trail. On the lake 13-17 inches. We use a private road.

On the public roads nearby us maintained by local resorts, this is what they are finding and allowing as of this morning.

Adrian’s Road out of Four Mile Bay
13 1/2- 15 1/2 inches of ice on the road. Allowing 1/2 ton pickups but not pulling wheeled houses. Wheeled houses up to 16′ are allowed to be pulled by light vehicles, ATV’s and snowmobiles.

Morris Point road out of Morris Point
Allowing ATV’s and snowmobile only and wheeled houses less than 16′.

The ice is inconsistent this year so it is important to stay on the roads and trails and know where you are going. We suggest checking with the local resort who maintains the road before venturing out. No travel is advised on the Rainy River; it is iced over but varies in ice depth.

Snowmobile Trail Report
The snowmobile trail on the lake from Pine Island to Oak Island is marked and groomed. Another fresh grooming will be done before the weekend. The trail from Pine Island to Warroad is marked and being maintained as best as possible. The crew is checking ice tomorrow to see if heavier equipment can be used yet for grooming. These trails are marked with black stakes.

For land trail updates for the south shore, check with the Lake of the Woods Drifters Club

For the NW Angle and Islands – check with the Northwest Angle Edge Riders Club