Ice Report
We have started our season! Day houses started Dec 28, Sleeper houses start today and Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge will open tomorrow. Currently we have 8-11 inches of ice on the lake and 7-10 inches of ice on the bay where we travel and fish on the south shore.

If you decide to venture out on your own, please check with the resort that maintains the public trails and roads you are accessing before doing so and stay on the trails. The high current areas and Rainy River are not safe yet. We use a private road and do not travel these areas. Safety first! We are continually packing and flooding areas we travel and fish to build more ice.

Public Roads: Adrian’s is reporting their road at Four Mile Bay access is open to ATV’s and snowmobile at this time. Seven plus inches of ice is on the trail on the bay and more on the lake. There is still very thin ice in places in the bay so stay close to the trail if you go out. Morris Point road at Morris Point is open to ATV’s and snowmobiles at this time. 5-8 inches of ice is reported. Please stay on the trail, conditions varies.

It’s Fishing Time!
The first day of our season many anglers enjoyed an active walleye and sauger bite! Depths between 17’-25’ was best jigging using a gold jig, rattling stop sign lure or plain hook tipped with a minnow just a few inches off bottom. Walleyes and saugers varying from 10-25 inches were caught. Check out these pictures!

25 inch walleye caught & released
on a gold jig by Mark Britton 12-28-15
Catching Fish!
Connor reeled in this nice eater
size walleye on a plain hook
and minnow 12-28-15. Nice fish Connor!
20.5 inch walleye caught on a
gold jig by Bill Resch 12-29-2015

The lake trail from Pine Island on the south shore to Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge on Oak Island, 40 miles north will be marked today. 5-8 inches of ice is reported and 4-6 inches of snow. Snowmobile traffic allowed only at this time. To access the trail, take Adrian’s road 12 miles north of Baudette off Hwy 172 at Four Mile Bay and travel to Pine Island. From Pine Island follow the black stakes north. We hope to get the trail packed well over the next few days and build more ice for heavier equipment to use soon.

Land trails
Click here for the latest updates.

Sleeper Fish Houses
Open for the season! Make your reservations today.