January 2, 2014

Below Zero, anyone?

Lows below zero and highs in the low teens have made its way North. But when you fish with us, there is no need to fear the cold. We provide heated transportation to a heated fish house so you can stay warm from start to finish. History has shown that when the colder weather sets in, the fish go deep. The guides have been moving houses daily to find the best bite. We have houses in varying depths between 21′-28′ to keep on the best bite.  The bite has been spotty, but they are out there.  Hammered gold or pink jigs tipped with a minnow or shiner seem to be getting the bite from either saugers or walleyes. Keep the line active so you can get in on the action. Vexilars help your success and don’t be afraid to change up a jig now and then.


Nathan Kennedy, 23” walleye, released
December 2014

Ice Conditions
Ice conditions range anywhere from 18”-22”. We haven’t had but a dusting of snow in the last few weeks so we continue to make good ice.

Our report is based on the areas we travel and fish. Please keep in mind the entire lake does not freeze equally. If you venture out on your own, we urge you to follow marked trails and know the latest conditions. All of our fish houses are on groomed trails not accessible by wheeled vehicles. More peace and quiet and better fishing.


Joel Kuester with the Hannan Party
26 ½” walleye, released
December 20, 2014

Four Mile Bay Ice Road
The ice is around 20 inches plus thick so at this time, they are allowing most everything out on the lake. If you have an extreme oversize vehicle or wheelhouse, you will want to call and double check before heading out.

Trail Conditions

Lake Trails
The Lake Trails are all marked.  Once there is enough snow, the trails will then be groomed.

Land Trails
Right now, it’s basically a waiting game for the snow to arrive so that the trails can be groomed. For the latest information, please click here.

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