September 17, 2014

Seventy Miles Long and Wide…


Did you know that Lake of the Woods is over seventy miles long and wide, and contains more than 14, 552 islands and 65,000 (105,000 km) of shoreline?  So with all that water to choose from, where do we fish?  This week, walleye are being found in a variety of areas.  Sand, rocks, reefs and mud just to name a few.  Shad Raps and Wally Divers are producing walleye using controlled depth fishing in among 30’-35’ water in the muddy areas.  Up around GardenIsland has been extremely productive again this week.  Hammered gold spinners tipped with a leech or a crawler have also been effective in 15’-25’ water in among the rocks and the shallow corners of reefs.  Head outside of the Gap or near Pine Island to get those walleyes!

Cory Ransom, 29” walleye
Ben from Houston 
25.5” walleye
Guided by Captain Mike

Fall is in the air. It won’t be long and we will start seeing the walleyes start moving in shallower and up river. The stage is getting set for the annual emerald shiner run. Where shiners run, walleyes are sure to follow. Fall fishing is a great time!

We did not get the snow that hit Calgary, Alberta but the temperatures did dip a bit.  It looks as if though we are on a slight rebound as the weather forecast for the week includes partly sunny skies, highs getting to the high 60’s with just a slight chance of rain and some wind throughout the week.

Because we are still in the midst of repairing our docks from this summer’s high water, only some of the boat slips are rentable.  They are on a reserved-basis only so please call the front desk at 1-800-862-8602 to find out if there is one available.  However at this time, there is no electricity at the docks so please keep that in mind when wanting to reserve a slip.

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