The longest days of the year and the islands, perfect!

Its a perfect time of the year to visit the islands, the days are long so you have plenty of time to try and see everything. The fishing is decent too, great multi-specie action right now. Walleyes are moving to rock piles, look for 20′ to 24′ reefs. 3/8 ounce jig and minnow is perfect for these rock piles. Small mouth are found shallow holding around boulders in and around sand, crank baits and plastic worms or swim baits will work well. Toothy critters like musky and northern are being caught as well, look to shallow weed bays to hold fish of both specie but also look at fishing around rock cover near shore as well. Weedless spoons and small bass style spinner baits work well for the weed cover and catch anything that swims in the shallows.