Fishing remains good and mosquitoes remain plenty!

Most of the boat traffic has been headed north to the Garden Island area, the expansive rock structure the area has to offer has been littered with walleyes. Numerous presentations will work now, jigs and pulling spinners are the bread and butter for the guides right now but trolling crank baits will work as well and often times catch the biggest fish. Don’t forget about the south basin in the mud, big schools of walleyes still hold here and you can sometimes find “hot spots” in the mud.

Tie on a 3/8 ounce jig and tip it with a minnow or leech and your set if your going to jig fish. Change color and try jigs with rattle chambers or props, the extra noise and vibration is helpful sometimes. Look for fish “on top” of rock piles and scattered around the bottom of the structure where it starts to meet the mud. Depth of the fish will vary on these reefs, you may find them in 10′ to 12′ of water on top of a pile or holding part way down the pile in 20′ to 24′. In the mud look for fish to be in water over 30′ right now.

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Cormack 27 inch walleye part of MFM group


New windsock on the river.
Thanks to those responsible


Ramona Mitchell of Bismark, ND 28 inches.
Capt. Dave (Green spinner w/ minnow)


Even the guide catches one now and then