Memorial weekend livings up the islands!

This was the first good weekend of fishing pressure in the islands and the results have been fantastic! A lot of nice walleyes are being caught in the 2-3 pound range and many that have been bigger. These fish have just spawned and are relating to shallow shoreline structure. Sandy bays have been key as the water will warm faster in the shallow sand covered bottom and all kinds of baitfish spring to life on the weed lines and back sand bays. Some fish are also using small gravel and rubble piles just off of shallow rock located not far from these sandy bays. Pulling spinners and drifting lindy rigs along shallow shorelines has been effective. Fish are scattered along the shore right now and are better found moving and covering water. 8’-14’ has been a good depth to search and don’t rule out using a jig and minnow and just drifting along shorelines slowly.