Lake of the Woods South Shore Fishing & Outdoor Report

Sportsman’s Lodge

Baudette, MN



Great fishing experiences….

Good fishing is upon us!   We moved to deeper waters and that has really helped the fishing.   Anglers have also seen a change in the species in recent days too. The past three weeks we had been seeing a lot more saugers than walleyes, but in recent days we are starting to see many more walleyes. Many groups are boasting a real nice average size between 14” -18” and an above average number of slot walleyes between 22”-28” to add some wahoo’s and high fives to the days fishing experience.  We have had a few real nice trophy walleyes caught too, Jeremy Adams from Pequot Lakes landed a 29” 10lb walleye, as well as Adam Cuff from Eagan, MN with a 30”, 10.9lb walleye recently.


The best depth outside of Pine Island on Lake of the Woods has been between 30’-35’, using a gold, bright colored jig, stop sign or bright colored chubby darter.  Chub minnows have been the best choice for bait. A vexilar is a handy piece of equipment to bring along or rent from the lodge to really locate the fish at the perfect depth. It can really add a few more to your bucket by the end of the day. The day houses, Snobear Trips and Sleeper Houses have all been doing well. Choose your experience and come on up for some no hassle fishing. You don’t have to bring a thing, we have it all: transportation, fish house ready and waiting, poles, bait, tackle and we clean your fish all for one price.

Ice Conditions
Even through the two weeks of warm temperatures, we saw no change in the ice conditions only the melting of snow. We currently still have 30 inches of ice and making ice every day! It was -25 with the wind chill this morning and it looks like we will be seeing more average temperatures between -10 to +10 for the next week or so.

Trail Report
Lake Trails

The weather over the past weekend got a bit too warm for snowmobilers and we saw rain and ice, but Sunday and Monday brought us a fresh new blanket of 6 inches of snow and colder temperatures.  The trails are once again hard packed with a nice base of snow. We are half way thru the season, now is the time to ride! The groomers are out and by the weekend all of the lake trails will be groomed from Wheeler’s Point to Oak Island, Wheeler’s Point to Warroad and Wheeler’s Point to Baudette.   

Land Trails

After the fresh blanket of snow the trails are back into excellent condition. The groomers are out and the trails are waiting for you.

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