The ice has started to form!

Last night the wind calmed down and four mile bay (the bay we use to travel out to the fish houses) froze over! The river from Wheeler’s Point up river two miles also is 75% froze over with a nice new sheet of ice. The main lake is starting to get more ice on the northern side of Pine Island and many bays.  The forecast looks really good for ice making highs in the teens and lows in the single digits, maybe even below zero by Monday!  It won’t be long. There is still a possibility we can start fishing by next weekend, it all depends on how hard it freezes in the next week. When the temperatures dip we can make 1-2 inches of ice a night if the ice stays clear of snow.  Stay tuned an updated full report will be out Wednesday, Dec 9 with the outlook for the weekend. Get your reservations in now for the winter season, prime dates are starting to fill up.

Snow Report

We have snow! We have received about 8-9 inches of fresh snow this past week. It won’t be long before the groomers get out for their first pass of the season. Get your snowmobiles tuned up. Winter is here. For specific trails please check out the Lake of the Woods Drifters website at or the Northwest Angle Edge Rider’s report at