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Sportsman’s Lodge Lake of the Woods South Shore Ice Report



Sportsman’s Lodge Lake of the Woods South Shore Ice Report


ICE ICE ICE BABY!!!  We’re getting really close to fishing on the big lake.  We sent out the guides out today and we are getting reports of 4”-6” in the bay and on the lake side of Pine Island we are seeing 6” out to 25 feet of water in the areas we fish and travel.  We have made good progress the past few days.

We will be checking ice again on Wednesday. At this point we are hoping to start fishing on Dec 26 in our day houses based on the forecast but will know for sure on Wednesday, Dec 23.   Our sleeper houses will take a few days longer to get ready as they are a little heavier, looking at Dec 29 or 30 at this point.  We are eager as many of you to get out fishing, but safety is our #1 priority.  We need to gain a few more inches of ice to be safe.  The forecast looks great with lows in the single digits to below zero.  Their is minimal, if any snow cover on the lake right now. We are forecasted to get a few inches of snow in the next few days which should not affect ice making at all.

If you decide to venture our on your own.
Our report is based on the areas we travel. No ice roads or trails are open at this time. As we ramp up, please stay on marked trails and don’t venture out on your own.  Ice can be good on the trail and not good in other spots. The Rainy River like every year and high current areas are the last to get a good base of ice. We don’t travel these areas until mid to late season if at all depending on conditions. At this time 1-4 inches is reported in these areas. Stay tuned for another report in a few days.

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