Lake of the Woods South Shore Fishing & Outdoor Report

Sportsman’s Lodge

Baudette, MN





Emerald Shiner Run Update

The run has just started. This week we saw our weather turn from 70’s and 80’s to lows in the 30’s and highs in the lower 60’s. A little wind, rain, fall is here! We are just on the tip of the fall emerald shiner run.  We just started seeing some shiners running the river as of this morning. It’s time to call your friends, grab your pole and come on up. Where there are shiners, there are walleyes! It will be an action packed month ahead. Looks like we are in for a little wind today and tomorrow that may churn things up a bit, but the forecast for the week ahead looks cool, highs in the 50’s and lows in the 30’s which are great temperatures for the shiners to really get moving.


The Latest….

We have been fighting a significant change in the weather the past four days which has started to move the fish around and sending them in transition. We have had reports of fish caught north around Garden Island and Bridges as well as south around Zippel Bay, Graceton Beach and Long Point. Northern areas are seeing fish in deeper waters twenty-eight to thirty-five feet of water while the southern areas are seeing fish shallower around sixteen to twenty feet of water. Both trolling with shad raps, (a little red on the lure seems to be hot lately) and bait fishing with hammered gold spinners or gold jigs tipped with a minnow seem to be successful.

We are just starting to try the areas of Lighthouse Gap and the Rainy River the past few days.  We have not seen success their yet, however the shiners are just starting and as soon as the wind calms a bit and clears the water this will surely be the hot spot! Right out in front the Sportsman’s is always a favorite honey hole in the fall.