Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Oak Island, MN





Feels like summer!

The fish seemed to start to transition but I believe the warm weather is tricking them. The best fishing spots seem to be the same as the normal July and August spots. Areas around McPherson Island, Tug Channel and Johnston Passage have all been good lately in fifteen to twenty-five feet of water. Minnow, gold, glow in the dark or brightly colored jigs all work well right now to pull in the walleyes.


Slab Crappies

Again, the crappie bite has slowed a bit this week due to the warmer than average temperatures, we will try again next week! 

Grand Slam Experience

Come on up and have experience a Grand Slam! Walleyes, Crappies & Ducks! Give us a call today 800-772-8411.