Northwest Angle & Oak Island Lake Of The Woods, MN
Fishing & Outdoor Report 7-29-09 

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge



252 minnows, 3 guys…out of bait by 3pm!

Unprecedented fishing continues! A veteran group hit the jackpot! Doubles, Triples and sizes of fish between sixteen to thirty inches dominated the day. This was definitely a trip of a lifetime!

Fishing is still hot! The best fishing in depths between eight to twenty-two feet of water just south of Oak Island near Massacre and Little Oak have been really bringing in the walleyes. The best presentation is a brightly colored jig tipped with a minnow and fishing around the rock reefs.


Two fifty inch muskies were caught this week around Monument and Deep Water Bay. Muskie fishermen are hoping for good weather warm up to really get the muskies active.