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River Update 4-6-2022

Vidas Landing

Open water is 3 miles west of Clementson and within a little over 3 miles of Baudette today. Boats are now being launched at Vidas, Frontier, and Birchdale landings. Next up is Timbermill, then Wheeler’s Point. The parking lot at Timbermill is plowed out.

15 more miles to go and we will have water at our docks. 😀 Mother Nature is throwing us some sleet and snow yesterday and today. Hope to see the sun by Friday. ☀️ Lodging is available and our restaurant and bar will be open this weekend. Book your trip www.sportsmanslodges.com 800-862-8602

Sportsman’s Lodge River Update 4-3-2022


Took a drive east again today. Birchdale is open to all boats now. Here are some pics of Frontier Landing. Water is flowing past Frontier to the west about a mile or so. Still lots of ice at Frontier today but it is currently 40 degrees and 40’s are forecasted all week. Should see quite a bit of progress this week. After Frontier opens, Vidas Landing will be next followed by Timbermill in Baudette and Wheeler’s Point out by the lodge.

Lodging is available starting at $99* a night for 2 people. Give us a call to make your spring reservations at 800-862-8602. *plus tax

Sportsman’s Lodge River Update 4-1-2022


Birchdale Landing is open!
**County came out and plowed the landing but an ice shelf still remains. It is deeper on the east side of the landing than west as of late afternoon. Could all be gone within a few hours or could take a little longer. Small boats are being pushed out.
Open water is 4 miles to the east of Frontier Landing this afternoon and lots of black ice within 2 miles. Won’t be long!
The parking lots are nice and plowed at Birchdale, Frontier, and Vidas Landings, ready to go.


Sportsman’s Lodges Fishing & Ice Report 12-22-2021

Walleye Lake of the Woods

Sportsman’s Lodges Fishing & Ice Report 12-22-2021


Sportsman’s Lodge Rainy River Fishing Report

Merry Christmas from the Sportsman’s Crew!
We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to seeing you soon.

We are now 11 days into our ice fishing season. The season is kicking off well. Day houses started on the 11th and sleepers last weekend. We currently have 11-18 inches of ice in the areas we fish and travel and guests have been catching nice fish. On the ice, we just have an inch or so of snow. As for hot tackle, gold, glow red, glow green, and bigger baits to get the fish worked off the bottom such as Rippin’ Raps are working the best. Bait of choice is chubs or shiner minnows. The best approach for a successful day of fishing is to jig with one rod and dead stick with the other until you find what works best for you. Anglers have been sorting small walleyes and saugers for keepers with a few big guns in the mix as well as an occasional sturgeon and pike. The best depth has been 18’-23’. We now have rods/reels available to use in our rental houses. Contact the front desk to check them out.

Trail Update

The trail from the south shore to Oak Island was marked last Friday. The trail from the south shore to Warroad is being marked today and the trail from Warroad to the island was marked last week. We have a light base of snow with some drifting, areas of bare ice. Could use more snow. For more information on the trails check out the Drifter’s Snowmobile Club and Northwest Angle Edge Riders Club pages.

Going out on your own? 

All of our rentals include transportation to and from the fish house. If you are looking to venture out on your own, there are several ice roads in the area you can choose from that other resorts and outfitters maintain and offer for a fee to use. We encourage you to check with them on their ice conditions before venturing out and stay on the marked areas only. The lake never freezes equally and they have the most up-to-date information on conditions in their area. 

Join us for our New Year’s Eve Party

Dec 31 Dinner and drink specials, party favors, live entertainment by the classic rock band, Cold Shot, and a champagne toast at midnight. Give us a call to make your dinner reservations at 800-862-8602.

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

The houses are out and we are ready to open up for our winter season! The lodge opens at noon on the 26th.
We currently have 12 inches of ice, 3 inches of snow on the lake, and 5-6 inches on land in the areas we fish and travel. What to stock your tackle box with? Gold and glow-in-the-dark 3/8 oz jigs and small spoons are always popular early-season tipped with a chub or shiner minnow. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Transportation The Lake of the Woods Passenger Service will start making trips across the lake from Sportsman’s Lodge to the islands after Christmas and Lake Country Air is also taking reservations now for flights throughout the winter too. The ice road is plowed out a few miles fromYoung’s Bay now with plans to plow to the island soon. We should have another update on the ice road today. Check back on our website here for updates.

Driving to the Northwest Angle
Americans who are fully vaccinated and have a 72 hour negative covid test are welcome to come across the border now. Download and fill out the ArriveCAN app and fill out the information to cross. For more information click here.

Trail Update

The trail from the south shore to Oak Island was marked last Friday. The trail from the south shore to Warroad is being marked today and the trail from Warroad to the island was marked last week. We have a light base of snow with some drifting, areas of bare ice. Could use more snow. For more information on the trails check out the Drifter’s Snowmobile Club and Northwest Angle Edge Riders Club pages.

Join us for New Year’s Eve Dinner
We are planning food and drinks specials! Give us a call to make your reservation at 800-772-8411.

Sportsman’s Ice Fishing Update – 2/11/20


Sportsman’s Lodge Rainy River


The latest on the Bite
It has been a sporadic bite this week. Runs here and there and some days better than others. Check out our pictures of the week!

We have had the best luck in 27’-32 in various areas anywhere from a 35-55 minute cruise across the pond in one of our giant snowmobiles past Pine Island. Anglers have been reeling in a mix of walleyes and saugers, the saugers more so, which is typical for this time of year. On cloudy days, glo pink, green and chartreuse jigs, and small lures have been popular. On sunny days, gold has been best all tipped with a minnow or minnow head. Some of the lunker walleyes this week have been caught on a plain hook, Royal Gold Digger lure (2 – 27” by the same guy!) and Oklahoma Dill Pickle lure, pink eye glow and minnow.

A mix of dead sticking and jigging have been the best approach.  Electronics help catch rates and zeroing in on the suspended fish. We see suspended fish on a regular basis. We have 30-32 inches of ice in the areas we fish and travel right now. The temp has fallen this week. We won’t complain about that. Cold temps are making ice for March!

Unlike many lakes in the state, we are a border lake so we can have fish houses out through March 31 Mother Nature willing and in most years, she allows. So if you haven’t had a chance to get out this year or want to get out a few more times, you still have time! Give us a jingle and let’s go fishing!

Valentines Day Dinner Specials & Entertainment this Weekend
Bring your sweetie or great friends. Click here for all the details.
Dinner reservations suggested.

Snowmobile Trails
The Lake of the Wood’s Drifters and the Northwest Angle Edge Riders take care of the trails in our area. Click the links for the most up to date information.

Fishing Packages available through March ~ Spend Spring Break at the Lake
We have openings midweek now through March and weekends available in March.
Kids ages 5-17 stay free with 2 adults in lodge rooms and fish for only $50 per person per day. Come for a few days.


Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Fishing will keep the Doctor Away
At least we think so! 🙂 There is something about getting out, enjoying the awesome scenery, fresh cool air and good conversation with friends in the fish house that always seems to help the body. Pure and simple relaxation, good for the soul.

The best bite for a mix of walleyes and saugers this week has been in 24’-30’ feet on the edge of reefs and on top of the sand.  Jigging a Buckshot lure, gold or pink jig or one of those “noisy” lures have been bringing in some nice fish. Vexilars help too! Deadstick with one rod and jig with another. Be sure that the rod you dead stick with you leave it alone and watch the bobber for the best success.

Ice Conditions
The average depth is 28-32 inches in the areas we fish and travel.

Trail Conditions
The Lake of the Wood’s Drifters and the Northwest Angle Edge Riders take care of the trails in our area. Click the links for the most up to date information.

Ice Road from Young’s Bay to Oak Island
The road is in good shape, follow the signs and come on out.

It is the sweetest week of them all
If you are in the area, come out for dinner. Or surprise your sweetie by planning a trip for a getaway this winter or upcoming summer.

Winter Openings
We still have some openings for this winter. Give us a call 800-772-8411 or connect with us online.

Sportsman’s Ice Fishing Update – 1/2/20


Happy New Year from the Sportsman’s Lodge Family

We have been having fun over the holidays!

Nice eating size walleyes have been coming through the ice as well as several throwback size saugers, few nice size tullibee, sturgeon and pike this week. Guests have been having the best luck in 18’-28’ using pink, gold, green glo jigs, and lures tipped with a minnow or shiner. Some guests have had luck the best luck using a full minnow and others just a minnow head. Dead sticking one pole and jigging the other is working well. Electronics such as Vexilars help too. We have a few to rent at the lodge if you want to try one out. Be sure to call ahead to reserve, they go fast.

Ice & Snow
We have 18-20 inches of ice in the areas we fish and travel right now. The forecast is calling for single digits and below zero temps next week. We received some snow last week but still just have 0-10 inches on the ice. Not nearly as much as the rest of the state. With cooler temps in the forecast, we should have 2 feet of ice in no time.

Snowmobile Trails
Snowmobile trails are being groomed. The lake trails from Four Mile Bay on the south side of the lake to Oak Island and Graceton Beach (south side of the lake) to Warroad are groomed. Conditions are improving after the recent snowfall but important not to veer off the trail as the ice is quite rough and ice chunks are sticking up off the trail. No travel is advised on the Rainy River yet until conditions in the current areas improve.Check out the Lake of the Woods Drifters and Northwest Angle Edge Riders for more trail reports.


Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Guide Wack says the action has been good in the islands. A mix of saugers, walleyes and a few pike, perch and muskies have been caught this week. Yes! Muskie! In the islands, we have fantastic muskie fishing in the summer but we usually don’t see too many caught in the winter. A big surprise to a few anglers this week. The best fishing has been in 23’-24’ on the rocks for walleyes and off the rocks for other species. Watermelon color, gold, and glo jigs especially those with some rattle and noise to them have been working the best this week. Some anglers are swearing by just the minnow head instead of the full minnow especially on lures with a treble hook.

Ice & Snow
We have 16-18 inches of ice in the areas we fish and travel. 3-10 inches of snow.

Snowmobile Trails
The trail from Four Mile Bay to Oak Island is in decent shape, getting better but it is important to stay on the trail. With not too much snow base yet, there are ice chunks off the trail.Check out the Lake of the Woods Drifters and Northwest Angle Edge Riders for more trail reports.

Ice Road from Young’s Bay to the Lodge
Plowing and maintenance are in progress. It should be ready to go next week. Our signs will be up as soon as it is. For now, please give us a call and we will lead you out.


We have open water in front of the lodge and Wheeler’s Point landing is open!


Sportsman’s Lodge Rainy River
April 23, 2018

What a difference a few nice days make! All of the public boat landings are open on the river now. The current water temperature at our docks is 40 degrees. The water level is low. Birchdale will be closed April 24 for the day only. Wheeler’s, Timbermill, Vidas, Frontier and Birchdale are the landings near us. For a map, click here.

Sturgeon and pike fishing is going on now and walleye season opens back up May 12. Come get into some goooooood fishing and don’t forget to share or tag your pictures with us. We love to see and hear your fishing stories! You might even show up on our next fishing report.

Logan and Corey reeled in some nice sturgeon!

The bite should only heat up this week with many more fishing holes opening up. The weather forecast looks pretty great too!

Sturgeon are moving around in deep holes of the river bottom. Anchor up and rig your line with a few ounces of no roll sinkers, 4/0 or 5/0 hook tipped with a gob of minnows and shiner. Once one of these dinosaurs take a nibble, get ready for a heck of battle. The big sturgeon are known to wrestle for an hour or two.

Northern pike are another fun fish to target in the spring on Lake of the Woods. Lake of the Woods has an abundant trophy pike population. Whether you enjoy catch and release or keeping a few to bake or pickle, Lake of the Woods won’t disappoint. Shallow bays off the river and lake are great spots. Casting orange, red and flashy spinner baits with a slow retrieval works well in the spring along with a jigging presentation bouncing off the bottom with a spinner tipped with a shiner. Come have some fun! Guided trips available.

Fishing Seasons
Sturgeon catch and release now Oct 1-April 23 and May 8-15
Keep one within size limits April 24-May 7 and July 1 – Sept 30
Northern Pike open year round
Walleye currently closed, reopening May 12

Spring Specials!
Lodging starting at only $43* per person per night now through April 23 and up to 20% off Charter Fishing packages May 12-23.

Book your trip today. Click here or call 800-862-8602.

*Plus tax and based on double occupancy.

The ice is starting to breakup more at Timbermill Landing today!


The ice is starting to breakup more
at Timbermill Landing today!

Timbermill Park and boat landing is located on the east edge of Baudette. Baudette is located 12 miles from the lodge. Currently Birchdale, Frontier and Vidas landings are all open. Timbermill will be next and then Wheeler’s Point. Based on the forecast, we should have water at our docks in a few days!  Spring is finally here!

River Update!


River Update!

This morning, April 10, from Frontier and Birchdale Landings:

Yesterday afternoon, April 9, from Frontier and Birchdale Landings:

The river is open up to a few miles west of Frontier landing as of today. Approximately 15 miles west of Baudette. Weather forecast although not nearly as warm as last year at this time, is warming up. We will be doing another update Thursday. Stay tuned!

The River Bite
Some getting into a great bite with reports of 50+ fish in a few hours most ranging from 19″-30″ walleyes and 30″+ sturgeon to others struggling to get a dozen. Water is cool hovering around 33-35 degrees and the current is still slow. Walleyes – Gold, pink and orange jigs and plastics have been tackle of choice and shiners. Mix of vertical jigging vs dragging bottom depending on day. Some having the best luck drifting and others anchored. Sturgeon – Gob of worms, on a 4/0 or 5/0 hook and few ounces of no roll sinkers. An added shiner works sometimes too. Sturgeon are being found in deep holes and at the incline of holes along the river.

Walleye open through April 14, reopening May 12
Northern Pike open year round
Sturgeon catch and release open through April 23
Keep one within size limits April 24-May 7 and July 1 – Sept 30
Catch & release May 8-15 & Oct 1 – April 23

Ice Fishing
Due to the cool spring, we still have lots of ice on the lake. Extensions are still needed. We don’t have any houses out but if you are interested in venturing out on your own, Morris Point road is open to ATV’s and snowmobiles. For the most to up to date conditions they can be contacted at  218-634-2570.

Join us this spring!
Openings available this weekend and throughout the spring. Lodging starting at $43* per person per night and guided trips available. Charter fishing packages up to 20% off May 11-23. Click here to learn more: www.sportsmanslodges.com/spring

*Plus tax. Minimum rates may apply.

River Update Coming Soon


River Update Coming Soon


Hey Everyone!

What a crazy spring so far. We have gone from two of the warmest spring season’s to now one of the coldest. I guess that is Mother Nature for you, unpredictable. We are going to head out this afternoon and tomorrow morning and snap some pictures of what the river looks like and how far it is open to share with you tomorrow morning. We also will post another update Thursday afternoon too.

Over the weekend, the morning bite on the river was a struggle.  Temps dipped down causing some of the accesses to freeze up and then thawing late morning/early afternoon.  Some anglers went ice fishing on the lake for morning and headed to the river for the afternoon/evening soft water bite.  Still lots of ice on the lake.   Although it doesn’t appear to be time to break out the shorts yet, the forecast does look warmer for this week.  Warmer temps should help navigating the river and the increase the bite for the last few days of walleye season. Walleye season runs through April 14, re-opening May 12. Spring sturgeon catch and release season runs through April 23 and May 8-15, keep one (within size limits) April 24-May 7. Pike season never ends.  If you haven’t experienced reeling in a monster sturgeon or trophy pike, spring is one of the best times to do it. It is a blast! Give us a call, lodging and guided trips are available. 

The bite over the weekend was hit and miss. Some of those who did the best were jigging with 3/8 oz or 1/2 oz jigs on the river and small jigs/spoons on the lake in 16′-24′ tipped with a minnow. Sturgeon anglers were using a gob of worms, on 5/0 hook and a few ounces of no roll sinkers in deep holes of the river.   Pike anglers using live suckers and big smelt in pre-spawn areas.  The current is slow right now. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow and Thursday.