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Weather is Shaping Up


Sportsman’s Lodge Fishing Report


Weather is Shaping Up
This past weekend proved to be a bit of a challenge getting where we wanted to go with the wind and the rain, but the good news is it is shaping up. The forecast is looking better and better as the week rolls on.

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A mix of jigging with a minnow or shiner and slow drifting with spinners tipped with a minnow has been working the best. Gold, white and silver have been popular colors.  We are starting to see some anglers try out worms and leeches more this week and having some good luck, 8’-14’ and 18’-26’ have been good depths in the sand.  Water temp has decreased 6 degrees this week, currently sitting at 63.

Check out the pictures of the week.

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We are making ice and the fishing has been good! Check out these pictures!



What’s working?
Gold, yellow & pink, yellow, white/pink & gold, glow in the dark and pink jigs tipped with a minnow have all been working well.  Best depths have been in 16’-28’ of water.  A mix of dead sticking and jigging is the best approach. Electronics help most anglers catch rates. We are seeing a mix of walleyes and saugers come through the holes.  With the changing weather don’t be afraid to change up your approach for the best results.  Ride out to the fish houses is about 20 minutes right now.


Ice Conditions
Currently we have 13-18 inches of ice and more in some areas where we fish and travel right now. It has been a cool week here; we are building more ice by the minute!  Our ice fishing trips all include transportation to and from the fish house; we do not maintain a plowed road.  If you venture out on your own, Adrian’s Resort and Morris Point Resort have public ice roads near us. Check with them for the latest conditions. Be sure to stay on marked roads and trails.  The lake froze pretty rough this year and the entire lake never freezes equally so use caution and check local conditions before going out. Be safe and let’s have some fun this winter!

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Trail Conditions
The lake trail from Wheeler’s Point to Oak Island is marked and is being traveled on.  15-17 inches of ice is reported on the trail.  Grooming will hopefully start tomorrow from Wheeler’s Point to Oak Island and from Wheeler’s Point to Warroad next week based on conditions. Due to how the lake froze this year, there are lots of ice chunks sticking up. Crews have been working to make the trail itself smoother but off the trail it is very rough. The trail also has lots of turns in it right now so we encourage you to use caution and stay on the trail. The land trails are being groomed and are shaping up. For more information about the trails click here or contact: Lake of the Woods Drifters and the Northwest Angle Edge Riders.

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Cold Temps with a Hot Bite


Fishing continues to be great up here on LOW.  More rain this week has dropped the temperatures into the high 50s and the fall surge is on.  The shiners have started to make that classic fall push up the river as we are seeing more and more shiners in the traps and along the banks every day.  We are seeing more and more walleyes caught in the gap and in the river as of this last week.  The best spot for numbers of walleyes is still is out in front of the gap and pine island.  27’-30’ seems to be that magic depth.  Anchoring with a jig and shiner is the way to go right now.  The classic gold, pink, and chartreuse colors all are producing but it is day to day so if one color isn’t working don’t be afraid to try other colors.  Four mile bay is also kicking out some nice fish.  17’-20’ has been holding good number of walleyes and saugers.


Pike and sturgeon are getting very active too.  Big pike are pushing up following the shiners and the little fish that follow the shiners as well.  Flashy slower moving baits will do really good at getting these toothy predators to bite.   Big sturgeon are on the move as well, looking to pack on pounds.  Outside of the major holes in the river is a good spot to start to look for them.


It is looking like another amazing shiner run this year which should mean a great river bite and that will only continue to get better through September and into October.  Get up and let’s go fishing!

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As summer rolls on, so does the great fishing.  Excellent numbers of walleyes are being caught all over the lake.  Drifting or trolling spinners has been producing the best numbers of walleyes.  Hammered gold and orange spinners in the 8’-20’ have been the ticket in the last few days.  Crawlers and leeches are both catching fish at equal rates.  Speed has been the key, slow and steady!  Just enough to keep those spinners moving has been good as the water has been dirtier than usual.  With the water clearing up the walleyes should get back to being aggressive.

Reeling in some nice fish this summer!


A good jig bite still is going on.  30’-32’ out in the mud still is kicking out good schools of walleyes.  The rocks reefs have been starting hold fish all up and down Long Point as well!  22’-26’ on these rocks is your best depth to start.  Pink jigs tipped with a frozen shiner or a leech about a foot off the bottom is the best way to go.

Check out what some of the kids from the Annual Lake of the Woods Take a Kid Fishing event reeled in! Teach a kid to fish, a sport they will enjoy for a lifetime!


Crankbaits are starting to heat up along Pine Island.  6’-12’ in the morning and evenings has been very good.  Trolling 2-3 mph all along Pine Island and in front of the gap.  If you are bored one evening, get out and do some trolling! We will see you out there! Good Luck!


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Rainy River update!


Rainy River Update!

Frontier and Vidas landings now open to all boats! The Rainy River is open within 5 miles east of Baudette and open water spots within 3 miles of Baudette. Vidas, Frontier, Birchdale and Pelland landings are all open to all boats. Timbermill should open up in a day or so and Wheeler’s Point next. River has opened up 15 miles since Sunday. 16 miles left until it hits our docks! Won’t be long!

Lots of good fishing reports coming in! Jigging with gold jigs, rainbows or shiners. Tag us in your photos. We would love to share them!

Click here for an access map…/7…/Rainy_River_Access_Map1.pdf

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Vidas Landing Rainy River 3-23-2017

Vidas Landing on the Rainy River 3-22-2017

Frontier Landing Rainy River 3-23-2017

Frontier Landing Rainy River 3-23-2017


We Have Shiners!


We are starting to see some shiners in the river! The leaves are changing and the walleyes, saugers, sturgeon, pike and bass are biting.  The water temperature has held steady this week at 64 degrees but based on this week’s forecast it looks like it is going to start dipping again.  Fall fishing is here!


Where, What, How

Walleyes – The best fishing this week has been jigging using shiners outside of Pine Island 7-9 miles out  in 22’-26’ feet of water as well as outside of Graceton Beach and Zippel Bay areas. Gold and pink ¼-1/2  ounce jigs have been working best.


Nice walleye! Guided by Captain Travis M


Sturgeon- The sturgeon bite has really picked up in the deep holes of the river and bays where there is current. A 4/0 hook, 2 ounce no roll sinker and a gob of minnows works well. Some anglers also swear by adding a minnow or two.


Art Kaunonen from Braham, MN 57 inch sturgeon released. Guided by Captain Mike


Pike & Smallmouth Bass- Give a jerk bait a try when fishing for pike in the fall in cabbage weeds adjacent to rock structure.  Pike often hang out on the fringe of cabbage weeds.  Bass are starting to move deeper. Best approach has been starting at 10’-12’ and work to deeper water off reefs and points using a spinnerbait or a jig and a minnow.

Winter Forecast
According to the 2017 Farmer’s Almanac winter 2016-2017 predictions for our area and areas from North Dakota to Maine will have below normal temps.  Ice fishing season is 75 days away.  Now is the best time to make your reservations to get your pick on dates. Click here to check availability now.


Fall is here!


The fish are biting, the weather is beautiful, the leaves are changing and the fall specials are hot!
Now is the time to get to the lake! Check out the forecast and a few of the pictures from the week. If you have a picture from a recent stay please share them with us!

Trolling with crank baits has been the most successful approach this week to reel in some walleyes but bait fishing with a gold jig or spinner tipped with a worm has produced some nice fish as well. Depths on the reefs around Garden Island and Bridges in 12’-16’ and 25’-30’ or in the mud outside of Pine Island and Zippel Bay in 25’-30’ have been best. The water is at 69 degrees this morning. The famous aggressive Rainy River fall bite is just a few weeks away! Get your reservations in!


Syngenta Seeds group reeled in some nice fish this week with Captain Baihly


A double! Great way to kick off fall fishing! 28.75 inch walleye caught by Marcus Mara from Worthington MN and 24.5 inch walleye caught by Mary Collins from Minneapolis MN. Guided by Captain Mike Marquardt.


Sturgeon, Pike, Smallmouth Bass
Fall is a great time to reel in these species. Anglers are starting to see the bite pick up in the river and bays. For sturgeon a 4/0 or 5/0 hook, 2 oz. no roll sinker and a gob of minnows is the best approach. Anchored in or near a hole in the river bed or channel is a good spot to find them. To lure in the bass and pike, throwing out top water baits in weedy bays with some rock structure is good approach. There are hundreds of spots along the Rainy River and bays along the south shore to fish these fish. Not sure how to do it or don’t have the equipment? No problem! We have guided trips available via our 18’and 20’ boats, great for groups up to 4 plus the guide. For more information about guided trips click here.




Walleye Bite


Deep reefs 25’-35’ and points have been working well. Successful anglers have been pulling gold and blue spinners or jigs on the outside and on top of the reefs. Water temperature is 76 degrees.

Early morning and late in the evening have been the best times of day. Top water baits such as the mud puppy have been working well. Guides suggest mixing it up doing a steady-slow and fast/aggressive retrieves. Rocky structures and weedy bays are great spots to find that monster Muskie right now.

Fall is a great time for multi-species action
Walleye, Pike, Musky, Perch, Crappie and Bass all are native to our waters. Mid September once the water starts to cool we start to see the action really get fired up! Trips still available! Give us a call 800-772-8411 or book online here.

Muskies, Pike & Bass
The muskies and pike have been real active. Top water baits, buck tails in bays of 7’-15’ with a fast tapering bottom. Working point to point.



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