We are happy to report that we have gained ice since our last report and we are excited for the below zero temps coming at us tomorrow!
The guides have been checking and monitoring the ice daily.  Today in the areas we travel and will start fishing this season we found anywhere from 7-10 inches on the bay and 4-9 inches on the lake.
We are monitoring some cracks and thinner spots north of us but with the cold blast moving in and no snow insulating the ice, we expect these areas to heal up and build ice pretty quick.  The guides are working on smoothing out the trail and island crossing this weekend. We are optimistic for a Wednesday start date for our day houses if all goes well in the next few days. Stay tuned!
Heading out on your own?
All of our rentals include transportation to and from the fishing house. If you are heading out on your own, we suggest Adrian’s road out of Four Mile Bay. Conditions change and vary on all parts of the lake so be sure to check in with them