Rainy River Fishing Report


Get out the sturgeon & pike rods
It’s that time of year.  While the walleye season closes for a few weeks, it’s time to get into those river bed holes and bays and get on the hunt for the sturgeon and pike. More tributaries and bays have been opening up this week.  The lake has started to open up just outside of Pine Island and the river is open all the way to the lake. The river is pretty dirty right now due to the tributaries letting loose but the sturgeon are active. Sturgeon are bottom feeders and rely more on smell vs sight to feed so the water clarity doesn’t affect them as much as the walleye and saugers. What’s the best approach to reel in one of these prehistoric fish? Check out this video for some great tips and come join us this spring!

Mike Knoop reeled in a awesome 61 inch sturgeon while jigging for walleye last week. Nice catch Mike!

Four Mile Bay is open now and several other bays shortly behind. The warm weather forecasted for the week ahead should really help open more areas up. Dead baits, spinnerbaits, spoons or crankbaits are all going to be good options to start with.

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Oak Island Fishing Report

Ice Melt
We are starting to see some open water around points and areas with current. The bay in front of the lodge is still all ice but it won’t be long with the warm temps in the forecast.  We are looking forward to the open water and spring fishing! If you haven’t made your spring, summer or fall reservations yet, give us a call 800-772-8411 and be sure to ask about our spring deals going on May 10 through May 25!