Sportsman’s Lodge

It’s Freezing Season!

We have made progress this weekend. Many areas of the lake and river that opened up last week now have a sheet of fresh ice on it. A cool weekend with light winds made for perfect ice making weather.  Woohoo! Bring on the cold temps!
It is not safe yet! This is just the first thin layer and open water pockets still remain but if weather like this keeps up, we will be building good ice in no time. We are hoping Mother Nature will hand us some light winds and cold temps this week to continue to build a good base.  Stay tuned for more updates.  An early December start date could very well be in our sights. We start our season once we have 8-12 inches of safe ice in the areas we fish and travel. Do you have you winter reservations in yet? 
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Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge
More ice!
We now have a frozen sheet of ice on the bay in front of the lodge and ice on the most of the lake, bays and channels.  A few open water pockets here and there but looking good!
We are crossing our fingers the wind stays light and temperatures cold so we can begin the ice building!
Ice fishing season is just around the corner!  Stay tuned here for more updates.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!