It has been a cool past few weeks which don’t get me wrong is great for the ice but we sure are ready for a little break. A heat wave in the 20’s is perfect!
Fishing has been a little up and down this week. The best bite has been in 18’-29’ using a plain hook, gold jig and glo shots tipped with a minnow or minnow head. A combination of dead sticking with a bobber and jigging is the best approach to start your day and electronics really help. Anglers are finding a few suspended walleyes 2’-10’ off bottom too. The best approach to catch a suspended fish is to start on bottom and when you see the fish on your screen, reel up and do some enticing rather than keeping your line suspended for hours on end. We usually see anglers have the best luck keeping their line close to bottom. Ride out to the houses from the lodge is about 20 minutes right now.
Ice Conditions
We have a good base of ice of over two feet, 28-32 inches in the areas we fish and travel. Looking good for March ice fishing! Remember walleye season is open through April 14 on Lake of the Woods and we plan to keep our houses out until the end of March.
Groomers are out! Groomers caution riders to stay on the trails especially this year with how rough the lake froze; there are a lot of ice chunks sticking up off the trail. Click below for the latest conditions and more information about the Lake of the Woods area trails.
South Shore Lake of the Woods
Northwest Angle Lake of the Woods
Lake of the Woods Trail Information

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