The season has started and anglers are reeling in some nice fish!  Gold and pink have been hot jig choices tipped with a minnow. Electronics help! Find bottom, give your rod a crank up about 4-6 inches and do some jigging.  One rod dead sticking with a bobber is not a bad idea either. Best depth has been between 16’-26’. The guides are ready to take you out! Contact us to book your winter trip 800-772-8411.


Ice Conditions
Currently we have 13-17 inches of ice in the areas we fish and travel. Weather is below zero this week so we are making more ice quickly! If you decide to venture out on your own, we urge you to check with local resorts or guides before doing so as the ice never freezes equally in all areas of the lake and conditions change.

Ice Road
The ice road is plowed out to the lodge now. A nice wide lane out to the north side of the island and one pass so far in from the north side to the lodge.   We expect the road to widen all the way to the lodge today or tomorrow.

Trail Conditions
The lake trail from Wheeler’s Point to Oak Island is marked and is being traveled on.  15-17 inches of ice is reported on the trail.  Grooming will hopefully start tomorrow from Wheeler’s Point to Oak Island and from Wheeler’s Point to Warroad next week based on conditions. Due to how the lake froze this year, there are lots of ice chunks sticking up. Crews have been working to make the trail itself smoother but off the trail it is very rough. The trail also has lots of turns in it right now so we encourage you to use caution and stay on the trail. The land trails are being groomed and are shaping up. For more information about the trails click here or contact: Lake of the Woods Drifters and the Northwest Angle Edge Riders.