The guides went out and checked conditions today in the areas we fish and travel. They found 7-9 inches on Four Mile Bay and 8-11 inches on the lake where we fish.  However, they did find some areas with less than that on the lake especially to the west. We have anywhere from ½ to 4 inches of snow on the lake and 1-7 inches on the bays.  That being said we are going to wait for a few more days until we can build a few more inches before we start.  Our first day in our day houses will be Sunday, Dec 10.  Our sleepers are hoping to start the 14th and Oak Island location in a few weeks.   If you are looking to go out on your own, we strongly encourage you to check with local resorts and bait shops who maintain public roads before heading out.   It is a huge lake and the ice never freezes equally.  No travel is advised on the Rainy River.  This report is only based on the areas we travel and fish.  For current conditions on public roads, we suggest checking with Adrian’s Resort and Morris Point Resort who both maintain roads in the area.  Stay safe and let’s have some fun!



What is the best approach for early season?
A good old ¼ oz. jig or spoon colored gold, glow in the dark or orange jig tipped with a minnow or shiner is a good one to start in shallow 12’-18’. Gold is always a Lake of the Wood’s favorite.  Early season usually starts out aggressive. Stay tuned for updates and be sure to send us or tag us in your pics!


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