The first week of fishing has been great! Lots of fish coming up through the holes, big ones, little ones and plenty of good eaters.  Check out these pictures!!!!


What’s hot
Some anglers said it didn’t matter what they put down the hole, they had plenty to reel in. Some anglers swore by pink, gold, glow in the dark jigs, buckshots or spoons tipped with a minnow. Most anglers with electronics seem to do better than those without.  A mix of dead sticking and jigging is the best approach.  The best bite has been in 16’-26’ of water right now.

Ice Conditions
Currently we have 10-16 inches of ice in the areas we fish and travel. It looks like we are in for a cold blast for the next few weeks which will be great to build us up some more!  This report is based on the areas we fish and travel. All of our fishing trips include transportation to and from the fish house.  We do not maintain a plowed road. If you are looking to go out on your own, please keep in mind, conditions vary and the entire lake, river and bays certainly don’t all freeze equally so please check current conditions before heading out. Adrian’s Resort and Morris Point both maintain ice roads near us. Contact them for the latest conditions.

Snowmobile Trails
The snowmobile trail across the lake from Four Mile Bay to Oak Island has been marked however, no grooming yet.   There are a lot of chunks of ice this year sticking up so crews are busy working on smoothing that out and making sure the trail is safe.  We also need a few more inches of ice and snow before it will be safe to groom. It shouldn’t be too long.  We have anywhere from a few inches of snow to 2-3’ drifts on the lake along with a few bare spots, land trails have 5-12 inches of snow.   If you do venture out, be sure to stay on the trails as ice conditions vary. Land trails are in decent shape and are being groomed.  For more information about the trails click here or contact: Lake of the Woods Drifters and the Northwest Angle Edge Riders.