Fishing continues to be very good on the Big Pond. Walleyes are still being brought in a variety of different ways per usual! The jig bite has slowed but has not quit. Look very deep if you are going the jigging route. 32’ at a minimum! Tip with a leech or minnow for the best success.

The spinner bite has continues to be good. Hammered gold spinners in 28’-32’. Drifting or trolling at .7 – 1.2 mph has been the best speed. Make sure those spinners are moving!

The deep water trolling bite has been very good out in 34’. Just keep moving to find those schools of fish. Also, use your electronics to find these schools as well. If you aren’t marking fish, do not be afraid to move on and try another spot. Just because fish are there one day doesn’t mean they will stick around! Be mobile!

As far as other species of fish, Smallmouth and Sturgeon fishing has been good. If it is smallmouth you are targeting, look for boulders and rocks. In the river, current breaks can be great spots to look for smallmouth. Drop shotting is a great way to target the deeper water rocks and boulders. To cover water, spinnerbaits and rapalas just casting and retrieving will be your best bet.

Sturgeon have been eating too. Look for the deepest holes in the river. Spend your time in these areas. Try several spots in these areas before leaving. Sturgeon may be using that structure but just not that spot specifically. Before putting miles on, try moving just above the hole or adjacent to it.

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