Chasing Walleyes
Plain hooks or gold and pink jigs tipped with a minnow have been the tackle and bait of choice this week. The walleyes have been finicky. Anglers are seeing lots of fish on the electronics but getting them to bite has been a little more a of challenge. Successful anglers have been changing up tackle, using something that has some flash or noise. Some anglers have been having more success with part of minnow vs a whole minnow and some are using two minnows. Dead sticking and jigging (4-6 inches off bottom) has worked 50/50. The best depths have been 23’-29’ in the main basin outside of Pine Island and a little deeper 28’-32” on the reefs. We have houses in a variety of areas and depths to chase down the walleyes the best we can. The days are getting longer, the sun is out more, we expect to see the bite only get better as we move into spring.
Ryan Corrick from Grand Rapids, MN
35 inch northern pike caught on a fat boy jig
Jodi Sugden from Hallock, MN
27 inch walleye released
Reeled in a sturgeon, released
Ice Conditions
We have 15”-25” of ice in the areas we fish and travel. We have had a few days above 30 degrees in the afternoon but no ice loss just a little sloppy. The forecast looks good for ice fishing to continue.
Ice Fishing available until March 31
Unlike many lakes in Minnesota, Lake of the Woods has an extended walleye season through April 14 and fish houses can be out until March 31. Click here to sign up to receive information about our late season hot deals!

The lake and land trails continue to be groomed and maintained. On the lake trails, use caution on the warm days when the temperature fluctuates rapidly, this can make the pressure ridges move. Lake of the Woods like most lakes always have pressure ridges, it is just a part of the ice season. When you come up on one, take your time and check for the best place to cross.

Ice Roads
We use a private groomed trail but most ice roads are allowing trucks out. Contact the resort maintaining the ice road for the latest condtions.

Spring sturgeon, pike and walleye soft water fishing is just around the corner!
The bite can be aggressive and the excitement top notch. Don’t miss one of the best times of the year to fish Lake of the Woods. The Rainy River east of Baudette will be the first to open up sometime early April. Stay tuned for updates on our fishing report page and Facebook page. Hook a great deal with lodging as low as $40 per person per night April 1-May 26 and up to 19% off charter and lodging packages May 14-May 26. Boat Rentals, 20’ Guided Outifitter Trips and Dock slips also available starting early April. Book your trip today!