Greetings and Happy New Year from the Sportsman’s Lodge Family

WE ARE ICE FISHING!!  This winter has been one of the most unusual winters in recent history and we are proud of our ice guides who have put safety at #1.  The guides have spent hours checking ice thickness, flooding low spots, and packing trails to make sure our fisherman have the best experience possible on the big pond.

Fishing has been good-very good since we started fishing a little over a week ago.  Many reports of nice eater fish being caught in the 22’-28’ of water range.  The big fish are starting to show up with some reports of the higher end slot fish being hooked then released.  Jigging with a Buckshot Rattle Spoon or Forage Minnow Spoon in either red glow or gold, have enticed many saugers and walleyes this past week.  The most active fish seem to be chasing these jigs up to about a foot off the bottom of the lake.  Another presentation, the dead stick or bobber fishing technique has been taking the passive or non-aggressive fish with glow jigs tipped with minnows.  Set these lures within 8” of the bottom of the lake and make sure you recharge them to glow bright all the time.

It helps to have electronics with so the use of a depth finder comes in real handy when these schools of fish come through.  If you need to a depth finder, we have them available at the lodge to rent.

Ice Conditions
Currently we have anywhere from 10-12 inches of ice in the areas we travel and fish.

Venturing out on your own?
We highly encourage you to please check with local resorts or bait shops before going out and stay on the marked trails.  The lake does not freeze equally. The Rainy River and high current areas are not safe. Safety first!  Adrian’s Road out of Four Mile Bay 12 miles north of Baudette off Hwy 172 and Morris Point road 16 miles north of Baudette have 8-11 inches of ice and are open to ATV’s and Snowmobiles only at this time. Hopefully the cold snap forecasted next week will make us some ice so larger vehicles can be used soon.

Snowmobile Trail Conditions
The trail across the lake from Pine Island to Oak Island is marked and was groomed Sunday, January 3. 7-12 inches of ice is reported. To get to Pine Island use the Adrian’s road out of Four Mile Bay and once you get to Pine Island follow the black stakes north.  Please stay on the trail. Conditions vary off the trail.  The crew is checking and hopefully marking the trail from Pine Island to Warroad this week. Stay tuned! Many trails at the Northwest Angle and to Oak Island have been marked. Click here for the most current information.  For land trail information around the Baudette area click here

Lodging & Ice Fishing Packages available starting at only $142 per person!
One night/One day packages available Jan 10, 14 & 20. Two plus night packages starting at $193 per person available late January through March 31. Book your trip today by calling 800-862-8602 or booking online here.