Fishing Away
We have been seeing some nice fish caught this week. Mainly saugers but a nice mix of walleyes especially 18”+ too.  Gold and pink ¼ oz. jigs, glow buckshot rattle spoons and stop sign lures have been working well tipped with a minnow.  The best depth has been in 22’-29’. Drop your line down to bottom and jig up 4”-8”, you will find them! Vexilars help too.

Check out some of these fishing stories & pictures

Jake Steivang, 49 inch sturgeon released
caught on a red hook and minnow
29 inch walleye caught by
Sam Ingemansen of Bismarck
Doug Loos, 12 in perch
Dan & Doug caught 60 fish in
3 days walleye, sauger, tullibee,
1 perch, and of course eelpout

Ice Conditions
We have 10”-14” of ice in the areas we fish and travel right now. It is a slow ice making process this year. Usually by this time we have at least a couple of feet of ice but I guess Mother Nature is in charge so that is the way it goes. The good news is we have enough good safe ice to get out and do some fishing!

More Fishing Tips

The snowmobile trails from Pine Island to Warroad and Pine Island to Oak Island are marked with black stakes.  The trails continue to be dragged on a regular basis until there is enough ice for groomers to get out.  To get to Pine Island, take Adrian’s road from Four Mile Bay by Wheeler’s Point. The ice conditions do vary off the trail so check ice often if you decide to go off the trail. For land trail conditions contact the Lake of the Woods Drifters Snowmobile Club for the latest conditions.

If you decide to venture on your own
We use a private road but here is the latest information about two of the public roads in the area.

Adrian’s road at Four Mile Bay is reporting 9 ½-10 ½ inches of ice in Four Mile Bay alongside the trail and 11-14 inches on the lake. They are allowing small to mid-size vehicles to drive out but not pulling wheeled houses. Wheel houses up to 16’ can be pulled out using ATV’s or UTV’s. No full size vehicles.

Morris Point road out of Morris Point is reporting 12.5 inches of ice on average.  They are allowing ATV’s and snowmobiles and up to 16’ wheeled houses at this time. No trucks.

Rainy River & High Current Areas
The Rainy River and high current areas have much less ice right now and are not advised to travel on. We suggest checking with local resorts or bait shops before going out.

Lodging & Ice Fishing Packages available until March 31!
Packages available starting at only $193 per person plus tax for two nights lodging and one day of ice fishing including the fish house, transportation to and from the house, use of jig sticks, jigs, bait and fish cleaning. Book your trip today! 800-862-8602