Ice update!!!

The crews have worked hard all week and have made some nice smooth trails to and from the fish houses. There is 16″ of ice on the lake and 14″ on Four Mile Bay (the bay we access early in the season to get to the lake). The cracks have mostly healed and things have come together nicely for our opening weekend of ice fishing. The rainy river has 8″-10″ of ice.


The snowmobile trail to Oak Island will be marked next Tuesday or Wednesday with the trail to Warroad and the Rainy River to Baudette trail being marked the day after the oak trail. We are very excited about the ice thickness and the upcoming season. The guides have done some scout fishing and report good water clarity and some hot action. Please remember that it is still early and there may be thin weak spots of ice yet. At this time there are no full size vehicles allowed. Please call ahead or check our website to find out the latest ice report. Also remember we only report on the areas we travel and fish and the entire lake is certainly not treated equally. Safety first!  Good luck fishing! For reservations contact us online or call 800-862-8602.  Bring on the season!!!