Fishing Report – 04/01/14

That’s a wrap! Sportsman’s lodge has officially wrapped up its 2013/2014 ice fishing season! Thank you to all of our guests for making the trek up to Lake of the Woods to spend some time fishing with us! We had a blast spending our winter with you!

Katie caught this Northern on Lake of the Woods this weekend!

Katie caught this Northern on Lake of the Woods this weekend!

Fishermen have continued to reel in a lot of fish throughout the last week. Some of the fish have flirted with with lengths near the slot limit, but most have been good eating fish. Either way, the fish are biting!

Sportsman’s Lodge guides and guests have been fishing in water depths ranging from 18’ to 26’ about 5 miles from the lodge. Shallow water has been consistently producing fish in the early and late hours of the day, while deeper water has been successful during the afternoon hours.

Minnows and fatheads remain the popular bait, while buckshot lures in pink and gold have been the tackle of choice.

Ice Conditions
We still have plenty of it. We are still sitting on 40+ inches of ice, and, after Monday’s blizzard, a substantial amount of snow.

Sportsman’s Lodge has removed all permanent ice houses from the lake. However, Based on current ice and weather conditions, we expect the ice to remain for a while longer. So, if you still haven’t gotten your ice fishing fix, pack your ice augers and take your own ice fishing adventure.

Rainy River Update
The river is beginning to open up about 15 miles from Birchdale, MN. Birchdale is located approximately 50 miles downstream from Sportsman’s Lodge and the mouth of Lake of the Woods. The Birchdale landing is usually the first one to open for the year in our area.  Stay tuned! Once we start warming up, it shouldn’t take too long to deteriorate the river ice and start our soft water fishing season.

Visit our website to download the area boat landing map.

Trail Conditions
26 inch pink jig Joshua Thielen
Public trails had their last groomings last week, and remain in fair to good condition. The trail markings will be left up until conditions deteriorate.Many resorts help maintain the trails or use their own private trails.

We may officially be in the spring season, but we are a long ways off of spring-like weather. Daytime temperatures will only be climbing into the mid- to upper-30’s throughout the next 10 days, and will drop below the freezing mark to the teens and 20’s during the overnight hours. A slight chance of snow is expected late this week, and again early next week.

Sturgeon! Pike! Walleye! Make plans for April & May soft water fishing!

Excellent sturgeon, walleye and pike fishing will soon be here.

Walleye season is open until May 14, reopening May 10

Pike season never closes

Sturgeon season is catch and release through April 23. Keep one (within size limits) April 24-May 7, catch and release again May 8-15.

Get your reservations in today.