The reef bite is on its way in the Islands!

The mayflies are hatching out and fish are gorging themselves on bugs and jigs and minnows! It’s the beginning of the deep reef bite, fish are gathering in big numbers on some of the deeper off shore structure. Look for reefs topping out in the mid 20’ level and that extend into deeper water over 30’.

3/8 ounce jig and minnow is the standard go to in the island area, it’s a laid back approach like the island life style. Gold, orange, and chartreuse are good starter colors but not always the choice of the day so changing it up is recommended. Look for deep reefs located in the Little Traverse Bay, on windy days the Skeet Island area is sometimes a better option. Musky and northern action has been good as well, shallow bays are loading up with good weed cover right now. Spoons, spinner baits, buzz baits and plastic swim baits are good options.