Happy Holidays Everyone! We hope everyone had a nice Christmas! Fishing has been great!
We had another great week of fishing last week here on Lake of the Woods. Many excellent and over the top action days! 50-100+ fish per days, not bad, not bad at all!  Some of the best fishing we have seen in years!  The past few days we have seen the bite slow a bit but still very good! A nice pail of walleyes by the end of the day is still a great day!  We are seeing about a 60% sauger and 40% walleye ratio right now.  The best depth has been in 22’-27’ of water just outside of Pine Island.  Stop signs, Buckshots and the glass pink and orange jigs have been hot this week. A little shine to your tackle in our waters tend to really do well.  Anglers using Vexilars/Fish Finders have had even better luck.  Vertical jigging with a minnow has been the best technique at this time.

Ice Conditions
We currently have 14-16 inches of ice in the areas we travel and fish just outside of Pine Island at this time.  If you plan to venture out on your own please remember, ATV’s and light vehicles only are advised at this time and allowed out on the trails and roads. Please check with local resorts before going out as the entire 950,000+ acre lake does not freeze equally or at the same time.

Trail Report
As of today we only still have just a dusting of snow and not a whole lot in our forecast at this point maybe a little shot on Wednesday.  It is a strange start to your season here in the northland.  The land trails are closed and only the trails to fish houses are marked at this time. 


Looking to rent a Vexilar or hot tackle?
Check out our gift shop open 6am – 11pm daily located next to our front desk.  Vexilar rental is in high demand, we suggested calling to reserve prior to your arrival.