Lake of the Woods South Shore Fishing & Outdoor Report

Sportsman’s Lodge

Baudette, MN



The weather is warming up and so is the fishing!

Some nice fish have been pulled in lately and the catch rate has increased too. Check out this recent catch from Gail Tekautz from Hastings, MN caught on Saturday. Gail caught and released a 27.5 inch walleye just outside of Pine Island on Lake of the Woods.  Gail’s hot tackle was a gold and white frostte jig. The guides moved some houses around into several different depths ranging from twenty to thirty feet has really helped and now with the weather starting to warm from the frigid temps that should help too. Stable weather really seems to fire our walleyes.


Recent Sturgeon Story….

Interesting winter, we have seen more sturgeon this year than any other year being pulled thru the ice holes. The prehistoric monsters are out of season, but sure are fun to catch and release when they grab onto your walleye bait.  Shawn Block stands proud with his 55 inch monster. Wow! This big beauties can sometimes take a few hours to land in the spring when they are more prominent and put up quite a struggle, you can imagine how exciting it is to pull up through an ice hole, that is an experience. We just had another group that were fishing in our Sleepers and said they weren’t able to get it thru the hole, but one guy was struggling with it and saw his head and his buddy had the tale coming up his hole on the other side of the house.  What a day. Lake of the Woods is quite the fishery…if it isn’t walleyes or saugers there are always northerns, sturgeon, perch, tulipees or burbots that you may find swimming up your ice hole.

30 inch plus northern pike and walleye, same hole within 2 hours!
Roscoe from Lesueur, Mn recently enjoyed some Sportsman’s walleye fishing fun. He pulled in two nice trophy fish within two hours of each other from the same hole. Gotta love that action.

Ice Conditions
We have a good base of ice on the well traveled areas of the lake now, reports of two feet are the average. Four Mile Bay has a little less, ranging around 18-20 inches and the Rainy River is around 12-14 inches. It won’t be long and the track vehicles will start running the river right to the front of the lodge.

Trail Report
Lake Trails

The groomers are scheduled to go out tomorrow, Thurs Jan 7 to get the trails ready for the weekend. Our groomer will be running to Oak Island and back and Warroad and back. I understand from the Northwest Angle Snowmobile Club that their groomer has been out as well and continues to maintain the trails around the islands.  

Land Trails

The land trails continue to be groomed in the Baudette area and recent riders have reported nice trails. It looks like it is going to be a nice warm weekend, great time to ride! Check out the Lake of the Woods Drifter’s website for exact trail details at