Ice Fishing at Sportsman’s Rainy River starts Monday, Dec 14!!!! www.sportsmanslodges.com
The season is here! We currently have 3-5 inches of ice and have been experiencing very cold temperatures, twenty below zero yesterday.  Our forecast is below zero temperatures for the next week ahead too. We plan to start with a good twelve inches of safe ice on Monday. For those who like to fish on their own, four wheelers and snowmobiles could get out by Saturday, but make sure you know where you are going, their will be limited trails marked. Keep in mind due to the current, the Rainy River will not be safe for travel for at least 3 weeks so use caution.

Fishing Report
Watch for our fishing report next Wednesday and find out how the year started! Heard a few tidbits from the DNR this past week at a meeting that I wanted to pass on to all fishing enthusiasts! Sounds like our lake is healthier than ever!

                       -Lake of the Woods is the home to 10 million walleyes!
                       -Abundant walleye years are coming, rapid abundance.
                       -Highest Sauger abundance is on record in 40 years
                       -A 29 inch walleye is 20 years old

Snow Report
We have snow! We have received about 15 inches of snow. It won’t be long before the groomers get out for their first pass of the season. Get your snowmobiles tuned up. Winter is here. For specific trails please check out the Lake of the Woods Drifters website at www.lowdrifters.org or the Northwest Angle Edge Rider’s report at www.nwaedgeriders.com