Lake of the Woods South Shore Fishing & Outdoor Report

Sportsman’s Lodge



Emerald Shiner Run Update

The shiner run seems to be inconsistent at this point. Some days we are seeing many, but the next day it changes. It could be the cooler than normal temperatures and precipitation that has blown in and stayed.  Cold weather always seem to bring in the shiners, however we have been experiencing a forty degree difference in our highs in a matter of a few weeks which may be too cold too fast.  What happens next? Oh, the shiners are still coming, they always do, and we may just have to wait for our weather to even out. The forecast looks like highs in the 40’s thru the week with a little precipitation sneaking in, cool but consistent.

Fall Fishing

The best fishing this past week has been a little bit of everywhere. Excellent fishing has been found in twenty-one to twenty eight feet of water around Knight and Garden Islands, jigging with a brightly colored jig tipped with a minnow. We have also had good fishing around Zippel Bay, Long Point and just north of Pine Island in fourteen to sixteen feet of water with the same presentation as the northern spots.  The southern areas have seemed to be best in the late afternoon between 4pm to 6pm.