Sportsman’s South Shore Day Fish Houses are out!

Busy day on the lake today. The guides worked hard and were able to place all the day houses on the ice.

-Up to 8-10 inches in the areas we travel and fish we found today on the south side of the lake and 7-8 inches on the bay. Keep in mind this is in the areas we travel and fish.

If you decide to go out on your own please stay on marked trails and check with local resorts or bait shops before going out. We use a private road. Adrian’s Road and Morris Point’s public roads are open to ATV’s and snowmobiles only at this time. Please check with them for up to date conditions. It is a big lake and all areas DO NOT freeze the same! We are finding the Rainy River and other areas have a lot of current this year and will probably not be safe for quite some time. Stay safe and fish on!

We hope to have the sleeper houses out later this week. Since they are heavier we need a few more inches of ice to be safe.  Stay tuned for an Sportsman’s Oak Island Report and open date tomorrow.