Summer is here! We are in full swing here at Sportsman’s Lodges. The weather is warming up and the fish are biting. 

We have had many new things take place here at the Rainy River location this spring. Our pool floor got redone. Giving it a new facelift. A new playground was installed near the cabins.  A new state of the art geo-thermal unit was installed.  The geo-thermal unit took about 2 years of planning, we are excited to see it up and running.   The unit of course had some very high initial costs but in the long run it should save money and provide a better green enviroment for all.  Over the last 3 years we have seen our energy bill jump nearly 30%.  It only made good business sense to start looking into alternatives. After the initial costs are paid for we look forward to putting more money towards improvements of the lodge.

The cabins and lodge rooms are spruced up, the campsites are ready and our New Villa is in high demand. The new villa was available starting in December of 2011 and guests are loving it! Five Bedrooms, 4 Baths, kitchen, living area, loft and a breathtaking view of the River.  Check out some of the pictures here.  Whether you are looking to rent or check into our ownership opportunities of our new development give us a call! Gregg would be happy to discuss all of the options.

We are looking forward to another fun summer! Hope you can join us!