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Rainy River & Lake of the Woods South Shore Fishing Report 4-25-2012


Rainy River & Lake of the Woods South Shore
Fishing Report 4-25-2012

It’s Sturgeon Time! Limited Time Only! Only 20 days left! Don’t miss out!
Check out this picture of one of the healthy sized ones caught recently. Riley Tarsi guided by Captain Keith reeled in and released a nice 61 inch sturgeon this past weekend.

Check out this entertaining video of the sturgeon action Jake & Aaron from Bemidji Outdoors had recently.

The details…..
Areas from one mile up river from the lodge through Four Mile Bay have been producing some nice sturgeon.  Quite a few are being caught right out in front of the lodge. It is a blast watching from our front window these prehistoric monsters being caught daily.  The water temperature has come up a little bit over the past week; we are sitting around 45 degrees right now, typical for this time of year.  Even though it was a early spring the weather the past few weeks overall has been quite cool keeping the temperature water low.

The depth to hook into one of these monsters is all over the board really 16′, 21′ and 40′.  Depth doesn’t seem to be the biggest factor, than finding a hole in the river bottom is.   Sitting at the edge of a hole so the current will pull your hook into the hole where the sturgeon lurk seems to be a successful approach.  If after a half hour or so you are not getting anything adjust your anchor by moving closer or further away, even sometimes 3 feet can make all of the difference.  Once you hook into a good one you better have ate your Wheaties, they will fight you for it, sometimes up to 1-2 hours.  Size 5-6 circle hooks and a 2 oz no roll weight works best tipped with night crawlers work best to lure them in.  Only 20 days left of the spring season, April 24-May 7 you can harvest one within size limits if you purchase a sturgeon tag (only $5) along with your Minnesota fishing license and May 8-15 you can catch and release before the season ends for a month and half time reopening July 1 again. We anticipate the bite to be good right through to the end of the season.  We still have some openings for lodging, camping and guided trips too! Give us a call! 800-862-8602 or contact us online here.

Check out the recent article in the St. Cloud Times more about the phenomenal sturgeon we have here. According to local DNR Large Lake Specialist, Tom Heinrich, in his estimation Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River has one of the largest sturgeon populations in the country!
Read all about it here….

Pike Bite
The best pike bite continues to be in the Zippel Bay & Four Mile Bay area lately.  Anchored with dead bait has been best.

6th Annual Sturgeon Tournament is next weekend!
May 4 & 5 is our annual sturgeon tournament. One boat spot remains available. Give us a call to book your spot. Entry fee is only $70 per person and includes a prime rib awards banquet dinner.  Live Entertainment and prizes up to $4800 in mostly cash will be given away over the two days. Always a great time!


Ice Fishing Season starts Monday, Dec 12



Are you rrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeady for some ice fishing?
The ice is shaping up good! We have had some nice cool temps over the past few days.  We will start ice fishing on Monday, Dec 12 for the season!!!! We currently have 10 inches of ice on Four Mile Bay and 7-9 inches on the lake in the areas we travel and fish. We anticipate by Monday that we will have 12 inches to start safely.  We will start pulling houses out tomorrow and be ready for you on Monday, so make your reservations to arrive Sunday night to get in on some incredible early season fishing!  The guides have been out doing some pre-fishing and the results are excellent!  We have good clear water and ice. They are seeing lots of nice walleyes and saugers.  It is going to be a fun year!  Keep in mind early season is usually excellent for trophy walleyes too!

Trail Conditions
At this time we have very little snow on the land or lake trails. The land trails are closed.  Many resorts are working on getting their lake trails staked over the weekend.  The snowmobile club will start staking their trail to Warroad and across to Oak Island in a week or so based on the ice conditions.

This Weekend
If you plan to venture out this weekend, please use caution especially in the areas where the ice broke up early in the week. Light jeeps and ATV’s only are advised. As always remember the entire lake is not treated equally when it freezes so make sure you stay on the trails and know where you are going.  Keep it safe!

NW Angle & Lake of the Woods Report



It won’t be long now!
The guides and staff are opening up camp this week.  We have 8+ inches of ice around the area and making more ice by the minute.  We plan to have food and drinks available by the weekend and a few fish houses. Give ChiChi a call to book some early season fishing. More information to come in a few days.

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge 800-772-8411


Lake of the Woods South Shore Fishing & Outdoor Report 10/20/2010


Lake of the Woods South Shore Fishing & Outdoor Report

Sportsman’s Lodge

Baudette, MN




The Shiners are starting to show up!
Just in the past day we are starting to see more measurable amounts of shiners starting to show up in the Four Mile Bay and Rainy River!
The Current Bite

The current water temperature is at 47-50 degrees this morning, down a few degrees from a couple of days ago. The best fishing as of yesterday had been in 18’-25’ of water outside and around Lighthouse Gap and Zippel Bay however in the next few days we feel this will rapidly change to the Lighthouse Gap, Four Mile Bay and onward up river. Right in front of Sportsman’s is usually a hot spot. We have also heard a few reports of some good walleye fishing in the river around Wabanica Bay, Baudette Airport and Clementson lately.  The best presentation is a 3/8 – ½ oz brightly colored jig tipped with a minnow.

Water Temperature? Current? Water Level? Rain? How long does it last?

These questions are all hot topic right now with the annual shiner run starting.  From what I understand, there is no documented official study ever done in our about the run, but based on my experiences and talks with many veteran anglers, guides and DNR fishery staff here are the common answers I found to the popular questions being asked right now. 

Water Temperature – this seems to be the #1 thing that dictates the start of the run and the fast paced walleye fishing that accompanies it. The upper forties and ideally mid forties are the start of this run. We are currently at 47-50 degrees right now. Warm weather spikes after the first dip into the forties can affect it but the run normally starts back up after it cools off again.

Current – The current in the Rainy River is always fairly rapid. Many said they didn’t feel this speed made much of a difference over the years they have been watching the shiners and fishing for walleyes during this time.

Water level – This again was not something many veterans felt was a factor. Some said if their was an extreme difference they thought it could have some affect but nothing that they remember made that big of a difference.

Rain fall – This does have an affect on the fishing, but only for a few days. Once the rain subsides and the waters have a few days to clear up the fishing usually improves again.

Wind – Other than early in the run when the fishing is best in Four Mile Bay and the Gap did anglers say they have found this to be an issue where the wind really churned the waters up. Many said once the shiners moved in the river the wind didn’t seem have as much affect.
How long does the shiner run last & the active walleye fishing in the Rainy River? Usually right thru November! Many anglers said in the years they fished if they were able to get out fishing in November before the ice starting forming, the good walleye fishing continued.

Guided Trips available through October!

Guided charter trips and alaskan outfitter trips are still available through October. Book a trip today and let the guides lead you right to the walleyes. No equipment or experience required!

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge 10/20/2010


Lake of the Woods Northwest Angle & Islands Fishing & Outdoor Report

Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge

Oak Island, MN




Sportsman’s Oak Island Lodge is now closed until mid December. Thanks for a great season and we look forward to seeing you this winter! 

Time to book your winter trip!

Before we know it their will be a blanket of snow and ice on the lake. Sportsman’s Oak Island and Eagle Ridge are taking reservations for our winter season starting mid December. Give us a call and get in on some excellent early season walleye fishing.  We are open December thru March for ice fishing, snowmobiling, relaxing and fun.