Lots of Big Walleyes

We have been seeing a large amount of slot walleyes in the 24”-26” range this week. So pump up your arms!

Anglers are still getting some nice eater sizes too, but definitely lots of big ones to catch and release.  The best bite has been in 24-27 feet of water. The water is clear for Lake of the Woods standards. Anglers also finding several suspended walleyes 3-4 feet off bottom so bring the vexilar!

Ice Conditions
Currently we have 20-22 inches of ice in the areas we fish and travel.

Trail Conditions
Groomer was out today grooming the trails around the Northwest Angle. A fresh grooming will be done today from Wheeler’s Point to Oak Island, Wheeler’s Point to Warroad and the following day from Wheeler’s Point to Baudette. Most lake trails are groomed 1-2 times a week based on conditions and traffic.

Plowed road from Young’s Bay to Oak Island.
Road is in great shape! Take a ride out!

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