Chris Wainwright is a personal trainer and the owner/operator of Unit3 Personal Training in Canterbury. Chris has been a golf professional and a fully qualified personal trainer for ten years now.

How Chris Got Into Personal Training

Earlier in his life, Chris suffered from a back injury and needed major back surgery to correct the problem. He has always been a very active individual, and because he was a golf professional, having a back injury could have been a career ending situation.

I did not let this back injury determine his fate. I started to take a serious interest in pain-free personal training.

Chris Wainwright

Being a golf professional, Chris already had a very good amount of knowledge on how to train his body. What he needed to do was figure out a way to take those training principles and turn them into a pain-free way of personal training.

Pain-Free Personal Training

After much trial and error, Chris now has a method of personal training that is pain-free. He can help you to continue to train for any sort of activity no matter what type of injury and/or surgery you have had in the past.

To learn more about Chris Wainwright and Unit3 Personal Training please visit:

Chris Wainwright can be reached by emailing [email protected] or by calling 07557808086.

Unit3 Personal Training is located at the following address:
Unit 3 Port Farm Island Road
Upstreet Canterbury
Kent CT3 4DA