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Walleyes, Sturgeon, Pike….lots of fishing going on!


Hey everyone, it has been a good week of fishing here on the Rainy River and Lake of the Woods. The spring season brings lots of changes and successful anglers know that too well. Being ready to change up your location, tackle, bait and approach when the weather, fish patterns, water temp and clarity make a change, is all instrumental in getting more walleyes in your net.  Currently the river is clearing up, 1-2 feet clarity today and the water temp has warmed up to 45 degrees.  Anchored, using gold jigs tipped with a shiner and Northland Tackle’s gold thumpers have been working well. Depths in the river and lake between 11’-18’ have been good. The lake is open to about a mile and half past Pine Island right now. As the ice melt continues be sure to watch the wind and ice chunks. There is over 40 miles of fishable waters outside our front door right now. Areas from Birchdale all the way out to the lake so even when conditions change, there are miles of good fishing holes to enjoy. Walleye season is open through tomorrow and re opens May 13. The lodge will be closed Easter Sunday but lodging in our cabins and villas are available that day.


We are honored to have, Pro Angling Team, Brian “Bro” and Heather Brosdahl, Infisherman Angler, Matt Straw and Sam and Matt from Northland Tackle join us this week. Click here to check out their Lake of the Woods spring experience!

Guide Eric's Best's dad Doc reeled in this huge strugeon today. Measuring 63 inches.

Guide Eric’s Best’s dad Doc reeled in this huge strugeon today. Measuring 63 inches.

Awesome Sturgeon Bite
We have seen a lot of nice 40”-70” sturgeon reeled in this year already. It really has been incredible start to the spring sturgeon season.  The other cool thing is these dinosaurs seem to bite no matter what the water clarity is like, so always a great option to try in any condition.  Deep holes in the river using a 4/0 or 5/0 hook, a good weight 3-10 ounces depending on the day and current and a gob of minnows works well. Spring season continues through May 15. For more information about the seasons and limits click here.

Spring Pike Fishing
Lake of the Woods is home to one of the largest populations of trophy sized pike and March – May is one of the best times to reel them in.  Anchoring at the mouth of the river using frozen ciscos has been working well.

Kids love fishing! What a fun day! Guided by Captain Wes

Kids love fishing! What a fun day! Guided by Captain Wes

Thomsen Group Guide Wes

Two hours of non stop action with Captain Wes

Two hours of non stop action with Captain Wes

Thomsen Group Guide Wes pic 2 Thomsen Group Wes Harder Guide

No hassles, just good fishing!
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Watch the water temperature rise on the Rainy River, click here.

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Record Breaking Catch & Release Sturgeon


When you are fishing for walleye and you reel in a record breaking sturgeon!!

What an experience!
When three friends, Taylor Schroeder, Tyler Hill and Paul David from Virginia, MN area set out March 30, 2017 on the Rainy River to get into some walleyes, they had no idea what was going to be in store for the that day.

Check out Taylor’s story……Two friends and I set out to catch some walleyes last Thursday morning. We started the day with a nice 25″ fish, but then the fishing slowed, so we decided to move. We anchored in a new spot and soon after I hooked into a sturgeon. The sturgeon decided to bolt down river. I had to put a little pressure on my drag to make sure I had line left to fish with for the rest of the day. Of course, that resulted in my line breaking. I retied, and started fishing again.

Meanwhile, my friends, Tyler Hill and Paul David, started to catch some walleyes. I then felt weight again, so I set the hook, another sturgeon. This time, we pulled up anchor and went for a ride. Having only six pound test and a medium light rod, I didn’t know how long the fight would last. I assumed it would end with me tying on another jig. That was not the case!  It ended up taking around an hour of boat work and drifting to eventually get the fish off the bottom. When we first saw the fish, it became clear we had a BIG one. After wrestling with it at boat side, we found it impossible to lift the fish out of the water by hand, so we grabbed some rope and lassoed the tail. It took two of us to get the fish up and into the boat. When the chaos was somewhat over, we looked at the fish and noticed that it had two of my jigs stuck in its mouth. It was the same sturgeon that broke me off half an hour earlier!

Taylor Schroeder 69 inch sturgeon

After a few pictures and a good measurement, which required all three of us to accomplish, we released the fish. It was about an hour later, when my curiosity caused me to look up the state record (catch & release). I couldn’t believe it when I saw the numbers. Our fish topped the current record by an inch and a half. Unfortunately, we lacked one of the pictures required for it to be considered as a state record fish.  One picture away from a state record, will probably haunt me for a while but in reality, we were just fortunate to have experienced it. In the end, it’s a story of what could have been, but an amazing story nonetheless.

Taylor Schroeder 69 inch sturgeon March 2017
What a catch! 69 inch sturgeon caught on medium light rod, 6lb test, pink and white jig tipped with a rainbow minnow by Taylor Schroeder and assisted by Tyler Hill and Paul David.

Sturgeon season catch and release season is open on Lake of the Woods Oct 1 through April 23 and May 8-15. You can harvest one 45″-50″ inclusive or over 75″ May 8-15 and July 1-Sept 30 with a sturgeon tag purchased from the DNR.

Spring Thaw


Most of last week the Rainy River clarity was up to 3’ and the current was mild. Walleye and sauger fishing was on fire! It wasn’t hard to catch 100+ fish in a day. Late last week the tributaries started to thaw, the river dirtied and the current sped up pushing anglers to change up their strategy to find the fish willing to bite.  It was a mixed bag of success. Some anglers continued to do well and some didn’t. Some switched over to sturgeon fishing.  Yesterday and early this morning the Little Fork and Big Fork opened up, a sure sign of spring.  As we look towards this week we should start seeing the river clean up and the lake open up further making available more fishing opportunities and clearer water.  As of today the lake is open about a mile and a half past Pine Island. The water temperature is starting to go up again, currently at 38.5 degrees after dipping to 35 degrees a few days ago.   All boat landings along the river are open.  The weather forecast looks dry and beautiful.

Yesterday, Guide Travis Madrazo and the Carisch group of 2 were out and did awesome. Late afternoon bite was best reeling in over 100 walleyes.

Carisch Group Guide Travis Madrazo Carisch Group Fish Carisch Group

Nate Sailor reeled in a nice 28.5 inch walleye and some nice sturgeon caught by the  Thomsen and Oelrich Group. Guided by Wes Harder.

Thomsen Group Wes Harder Guide

Oelrich Group Guide Wes Harder Sturgeon

28.5 inch walleye Nate Sailor Guide Wes Harder

29.5 inch walleye Christensen Group and some nice walleyes including a 29 inch with the Egan group. Guided by Baihly Hontvet

Egan Group Guide Baihly Hontvet Christensen Group Guide Baihly

Fishing Seasons Tips for the week
Walleyes & Saugers – River shorelines, 13’-22’, lake 10’-20’jigging brightly colored 1/2 oz. to ¾ oz. jigs tipped with rainbows, shiners or chubs or pitching soft plastics towards shore.

Sturgeon – Anchor near or in deep holes in the River or Four Mile Bay with some current using a 3-5 ounces of weight using a 4/0 or 5/0 hook tipped with a gob of worms and a shiner.   Lots of big sturgeons have been getting caught this week.  Once you hook in, be ready! Some of these monsters take up to a few hours to reel in. It can be quite an adventure!

Pike – With more bays opening up the soft water pike season should start heating up as well. Cast spoons and jerk baits in shallow bays  with structure.
Take a guide – A guided trip is relaxing, less hassle and it is a great way to learn new tactics. Contact us a for availability.

Walleye open through April 14, reopening May 13
Northern Pike open year round
Lake Sturgeon catch and release now through April 23, keep one season  April 24-May 7, catch and release May 8-15, closed May 16-June 30, keep one season July 1-Sept 30, catch and release Oct 1-April 23.
For more information about seasons, limits and licenses click here.

Lodging Specials, Guided Trips, Boat Rentals, Dock Slips, Rainy River Boat Access Map click here!

Forecast 4-4-2017

Curious about the water temperature and flow? Here are some resources to check out.
Rainy River Wheeler’s Point Water Data
Lake of the Woods Control Board Basin Data

Wheeler’s Point landing just a mile away from the lodge is open and the fish are biting!


Six landings now open!  Wheelers, Timebermill ( Baudette), Vidas, Frontier, Birchdale and Pelland. We have water at our docks and the forecast looks warm for the week, perfect for spring fishing! Lodging and guided trips available now. Dock slips and boat rental available within a few days as soon as the shore ice is gone from the docks. Click here for a Rainy River boat landing map.

The bite has been great! Check out the pics of the week!

Water temperature has been hovering between 36-38 degrees the past few days. Clarity is an excellent  4’-6’. Drifting with current in 12’-22’ using pink and gold ½-3/4 oz. jigs has been working well tipped with a rainbow or shiner minnow.  Anglers are reeling in lots of nice walleyes (50-100 fish days) 14”-30”+ and some lunker sturgeon. Sturgeon anglers have been anchored in or near river bed holes using 1-2 oz. no roll sinker, size 5 hook and a gob of minnows.

Open season dates
Walleye now through April 14, reopening May 13
Pike season open all year. With more bays opening up the soft water bite is really going to get good. Ice anglers the past few weeks have been killing it!

Sturgeon catch and release open now through April 23, keep one within size limits season is April 24-May 7 and catch and release again May 8-15 before the season closes for a short time May
-June 30.

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Wheeler’s Point landing is now open!


Wheeler’s Point landing is now open!

Wheeler’s Point landing is just a mile away from the lodge.
Many great fishing opportunities opening daily!

Wheeler's Point landing Baudette, MN

Check out the view from the lodge 3-27-2017

Sportsman's Lodge


Walleye season open through April 14, reopening May 13

Pike season open all year
Sturgeon season catch and release now through April 23, keep one (within size limit)
April 24-May 7 and catch and release again May 8-15 before closing for 6 weeks.

We have open water in front of the lodge!

Channel open at the lodge

Channel open at the lodge!

The river is open shore to shore 4 miles west of Baudette and a channel of water is open all the way to our docks. Timbermill landing is now wide open along with Vidas, Frontier, Birchdale and Pelland landings. Wheeler’s Point should be open in a few days.


Timbermill landing in Baudette is now open!

Captain Wes and his crew caught some nice fish this weekend 




Wabanica Bay


Wabanica Bay

Wabanica Bay

Wheelers Point landing should be open in a few days

Wheelers Point landing should be open in a few days

The bite is on!


A few of the guides, Eric R. BestTravis Madrazo Jean-Paul TessierShane Burk & Baihly Hontvet went out yesterday on the river and reeled in some nice fish! Check it out! Guided trips available! Walleye season open through April 14, pike open year round and sturgeon catch/release now through April 23, keep 1 season April 24-May 7 and catch/release again May 8-15. Click here  or call 800-862-8602 to book your trip!




Four landings are open and we expect two more in a few days


 It’s spring fishing time!
As of today Pelland, Birchdale, Frontier and Vidas landings are all open to all boats. Open water is to Baudette and we expect Timbermill landing and Wheeler’s Point to be open within a few days. Click here for a boat access map.

100+ Fish!

The walleye bite has been hot on the river. Lots of anglers boasting 50-100+ fish a day. Drifting and jigging a gold, green and yellow ¾ oz. jigs tipped with a rainbow, sucker and shiner minnows have been working well in 14’-21’. The water clarity is 3’-8’ and water temperature between 35-38 degrees. Current speed is between .5 to .7 mph. Looks like a beautiful weekend ahead, 50’s and sunny/light wind. Walleye season is open through April 14 on Lake of the Woods. We have lodging specials and guides available now and as soon as we get water at our dock, we will have boat rentals and dock slips. Give us a call 800-862-8602.

Spring Fishing Seasons

Walleye season open now through April 14, reopening May 13.
Northern Pike season open all year.
Sturgeon catch and release now through April 23. Keep one season April 24-May 7. Catch & release May 8-15.





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